You would be nuts not to stop by @ Gumnut Patisserie


As nice as lunch was at Caffe Rosso, we skipped dessert just so I could go to The Gumnut Patisserie afterwards. I would have rolled out the car when we drove past it the first time if the main street wasn’t so busy.

If all the awards wasn’t convincing enough, the nearly empty shelves when there was still at least 2 hours of trading left would let you know that they were doing something right.

Too full to try their award winning pies, but their sweets looked tempting.

Macadamia tart– Wow this was AMAZING! I know people go nuts for macadamias, I’m not that fussed either way but even I had two slices of this tart. Think macadamia nuts encased with a rich caramel like custard. 

Ok I guess it wasn’t a good start when even the girls in the shop didn’t know what flavours the macarons were. They said one might be strawberry and would have to guess lemon for the yellow one. Even when we bit into them we still had no idea what flavours they were, although there was just the ever so slightest hint of passion fruit after taste with the yellow one. Bland and basically no taste – very disappointing and they obviously didn’t win awards for their macarons. 

Now I’m not the biggest fan of croissants but when I bit into this my eyes widened.   YUM! Perhaps the best croissant I have ever eaten!

Not a hollow interior but a flaky rich buttery network inside.

A bit unfair that there are so many delicious cafes/patisseries/restaurants to eat in one area so far from Canberra. I will definitely have to come back to Bowral and see what other gems are yet to be discovered, eating more from this patisserie will definitely be on my list!

Venue: The Gumnut Patisserie

Address: Shop 7 Grand Arcade Bong Bong St, Bowral, NSW 2576

Phone: (02) 4862 2819


Opening Hours: Everyday 8am – 5 pm

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