Chong Co re-run


Well when I said that I have to come back and try more food, I didn’t think I’d be back so soon! This time we were skipping the lunch menu and browsing through the main menu to try their curries and stir fries.


Mixed entreefish cake, spring roll and curry puff ($10.90). The fish cake was my favourite, it had a bit of a bite to it and might be the best fish cake I’ve ever eaten.


Beef Massaman curry made from special massaman curry paste cooked with coconut milk, onion, potato topped with peanut and coriander ($19.90) I found this curry sweet which I thought was odd and even though the beef pieces were tender, it was basically two huge chunks of beef in this dish.

Gang phed ped yang roasted duck with red curry paste, coconut milk, lychee, cherry tomato, pineapple and mixed vegetables ($20.90) I thought the combination of curry with sweet fruit like lychee and pineapple would be weird but it actually goes well together. 

Beef with chilli basil sauce– stir fried with chilli, basil leaves and mixed vegetables ($18.90) This dish was very flavoursome and might be the best dish on the table despite the tough beef.

Penang chicken curry Thai style curry with thick coconut milk, green beans topped with kaffir lime leaves and crushed peanut ($18.90) Another sweet curry and a bit disappointing.

I don’t know if I’m completely keen on this restaurant, some of the dishes were great but nothing to make it stand out in comparison to other Thai restaurants and I thought some dishes were overpriced.