Another food porn post. A cousin was hosting a celebration for her 30th (the new 20) birthday and with so many people she thought she’d keep it simple with an Italian theme. I didn’t cook anything, merely just an eater that night but I did bring some ice-cream and a fabulous cake by Frugii to share.

Spoilt for choice between lasagna, artichoke vegetable bake, spinach and ricotta cannelloni and a chicken and pea risotto. I decided other dishes would be jealous if I left them off my plate so a bit of everything for me. 

Just when everyone thought they were already bordering on full, the pizzas come out. Lucky I had enough room! Vegetarian, ham and pineapple and supreme.

And the essential sides of some greens and of course parmesan cheese!


Early grey sorbet and of course everyone’s favourite Salted butter caramel ($12.00 each tub). The sorbet had an unexpected citrus tang afterwards and was really cold and refreshing, probably not the best dessert to have during Winter but it provided a nice palette cleanser between courses. SBC always a favourite with the salt to¬†accentuation¬†the sweetness of the¬†beautiful caramel taste.

Earl grey sorbet

A French torte with a bottom layer of almond dacquiose, dark chocolate mousse with suspended candied hazelnuts and within that is a window of crème patissiere with macerated brandied fruits finished with a chocolate glaze ($55.00).

Sorry about the cross section photo, we were all so keen to try the cake we were too busy serving it rather than keeping it upright and pretty. Surprisingly not crazily sweet despite all the sweet components. I also found it very light with dacquiose, mousse and the crème patissiere and could have eaten another slice but there were other sweets to be had!

A warm ooey gooey perfect Winter warmer, I can’t remember the name of the cake though but I should get the recipe.

Boterkoeka traditional Dutch buttercake.

Profiterole cake 

A perfect way to spend the evening- plenty of cake, delicious food and fantastic company.