Thirst Wine Bar & Eatery


I was keen to try Thirst wine bar & eatery because it was one of the few restaurants from the Top 20 restaurants in Canberra that I haven’t tried yet.

A beautiful wall mural.


The spring rolls and fish cakes were really nice and came out hot but I thought the prices were crazy ridiculous for Asian entrees.

Vegetarian spring rollsa mixture of grated carrot, bean sprouts, rice noodles and coriander, served with cucumber relish ($11.90) 

Fish cakeswhite fish, chilli paste, kaffir lime leaf, green beans, fried, served with cucumber relish ($12.90)


Deep fried pork belly with tamarind- fried pork belly, rice noodles, bean shoots, coriander and sticky tamarind sauce ($21.90) The pork was crazily salty even when I paired a tiny amount with lots of noodles. I was really hungry so I finished it but I had to drink a lot of water.


My friends weren’t too hungry but lucky they felt like dessert!

Lime and kaffir lime leaf sorbet ($2.30 per scoop) I was amazed that there was so much flavour in this sorbet, a lovely palette cleanser after all that salt.

Coconut and pandanus custardA rich custard with caramelised sugar top. The custard is enhanced by pandanus extract, is intense in flavour and nutty undertones and a fantastic colour of rich green! ($9.90) An Asian take on a creme brulee? A lovely smooth custard that wasn’t too sweet finished with a lovely caramelised sugar top.

Taro in coconut milk – A fragrant, starchy root vegetable, cooked in coconut milk, topped with sugar, salt and coconut cream ($9.90) A great simple Asian dessert but I wouldn’t expect to be charged so much for it.

I was surprised to see how expensive the entrees and mains were and I don’t care how good your fish cake is, I wouldn’t expect to pay over $3.00 per tiny fish cake. As much as I enjoyed the desserts, I think the only time I’d come back would be Monday or Tuesday where they have 2 for 1 Thai (purchase any dish and get another of equal or lesser price for free, excludes take away).

I saw a couple who ordered 4 entrees, 2 mains and 2 desserts, I would hate to see what their total came to.

Venue: Thirst Wine Bar & Eatery

Address: 20 West Row, Civic, Canberra 

Phone: (02) 6257 0700


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