Breakfast at Biginelli’s


Biginelli’s is cute coffee cafe nestled in a quiet shop front in the other Kambah shops. I think it is a long awaited addition to the area and there are lots of people dropping by for take away or to stay a while in their outdoor seating bathing in the sunlight.

They also have a small selection of Pure gelato.

We have had their coffee a couple of times and it has always been above average but it always depends on the barista on the day.

Timmy and I shared a pancakes served with maple syrup and Pure gelato ($12.50) and we asked for a side of bacon (mainly for me  ). Nice good fluffy pancakes, I would have preferred cream friache and berry compote but Timmy of course wanted ice-cream.

Always a pleasant place to go with friendly service and good coffee, I just wish they were opened for Sunday too.

While I was trying to see if they had a website, I stumbled across that Biginelli’s also have a coffee place at the ANU Music school!

Venue: Biginelli’s

Address: 3/48 Mannheim St, Kambah, ACT 2902

Phone: (02) 6296 7544


Biginelli's on Urbanspoon


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