The Boat House by the lake


Just another Thursday, sounds like a reason as good as any to go out for a fancy dinner. We headed to the Boat House by the lake where we were greeted by a fireplace and friendly staff. We chose the 6 course degustation to get a variety of dishes while soaking up the warmth.

Mood lighting- great for romance, not so great for food photography 

Ready for our 6 course degustation ($100.00 per person).

Complimentary bread~

Roasted garlic and rosemary bread roll with lemon and thyme butter. Served nice and warm with a nice dose of rosemary and garlic flavour.


Salmon with capers, lime aioli. A nice variety of texture and salmon always goes well with aioli and capers.

Razor clams, smoky potato consomme, beetroot, horseradish, avruga caviar. I’ve never had razor clams before and was surprised to see their shape, it had the texture of a chewy exotic mushroom. The potato consomme had the most intense flavour and a bit too salty for my liking.

Pork belly, cauliflower, onion gel, apple, radish. A nice piece of crispy pork belly and I tried to scrape as much of the onion gel as I could onto my fork.

Silver Dory, confit shallots, poached octopus, pomme dauphine, oyster foam. As delicious as everything was the fried potato balls were the highlight for me. 

Optional special~ ($3.00 per oyster)

Oysters served in three ways:

Gin and tonic, Lime and granita and apple and ham. It was very theatrical they way it was served, there was a glass dome over a set of the oysters which was opened to release a swirl of smoke. Call me a traditionalist but I prefer my oysters natural, mornay or kilpatrick.

Venison loin, Jerusalem artichoke, mushroom fricasse, mushroom puree. This tasted like beef to me with no gamy after-taste.

Palette cleanser~

Lavender foam with lavender and Pialligo apple. This was truly incredible, the delicate foam bubbles did really taste like lavender!

Poached rhubarb and apple, cherry, basil, meringue, bubblegum ice cream. Timmy and I was having a debate about what bubblegum flavour it was, I insisted it was strawberry Hubba bubba and Timmy thought it was strawberry bubblegum tape, either way it was REALLY intense and I couldn’t finish mine but Tim relished it.

Vanilla parfait, chocolate genoise sponge, cocoa sorbet, salted caramel. An intense dark cocoa sorbet balanced by the delicate parfait and we made sure we scraped every last bit of that delicious salted caramel.

Fabulous attentive service and great food, everything you would expect from a fine dining experience. Since I have last been to the Boat House I have found their textures and flavours to be more adventurous. I look forward to many more meals and courses at this restaurant.

Venue: The Boathouse by the lake

Address: Grevillea Park, Menindee Drive, Barton ACT 2600

Phone: (02) 6273 5500


Entertainment card: Yes and it makes a difference!

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