Mezzalira Ristorante


Despite the cold, people are still going out in civic. A lot of people! Parking has been a nightmare recently and we had to park considerably far away but we finally got to Mezzalira through the cold dark night.

I have heard good things for years about Mezzalira, I don’t know why but I never was excited to come here until recently when my friend said he had a good degustation. 

It was hard to choose what to order considering all the pastas and mains were expensive for a place that I didn’t think was fine dining. We opted to go for the 5 course tasting menu as there were several things I wanted to try and it was the cheapest way to try them all.

5 course tasting menu ($85.00)

Bread with rosemary and sea salt – it was served nice and warm although it was heavily seasoned with salt. 

Course 1~

Seared scallops on fennel puree and ‘agro dolce’ vinaigrette – a simple small morsel yet so good.

My friend who doesn’t like seafood got a mushroom alternative, she said it was really good but I didn’t want to try any as it looks like she only got what appears to be half a mushroom.

Course 2~

Tortellini di zucca– Buffalo milk ricotta, pumpkin and leek tortellini with burnt sage butter – Wow, this would have been one of the dishes I would have chosen as a ‘single’ meal (I don’t know how much I would get for $33.00 though). This was AMAZING! Really really good and it is a vegetarian dish!

Course 3~

Truffled risotto with ‘Spezzatino’ of Northern Rivers veal osso bucco– a great dish and it didn’t have an overly ‘meaty’ taste. A perfect portion during a 5 course menu.

Course 4~

Salted crusted fillet of beef ‘tagliata’ with local king brown mushroom ‘trifolati’, globe artichoke and horseradish – A great beef dish, my friend doesn’t like any pink in her meat and the chef was very accommodating to cook a well done beef without making it into a piece of charcoal.

Course 5~

Ricotta rum and chocolate cannoli with pistachio and cantiano amarena cherries– I thought this was a too simple of a dish to end such a wonderful 5 course tasting menu but I wrong. A perfect amount of subtle sweetness to complete the meal.

Well yes you might have already counted 5 courses. That’s because I REALLY wanted to try their tiramisu after some big raves on urbanspoon, so I ordered second dessert.

Tiramisu pick me up ($15.00)– My friend has been to Italy and she said that there was a famous restaurant which made a-mazing tiramisu and this one was the same if not trumped it. I really really liked it but I couldn’t tell if it was as good as the one from Locanda, maybe I’ll have to eat one from both places on the same day to make a direct comparison.  

We had great service with perfectly timed courses. I didn’t have any expectations and I was completely blown away by the food. I was surprised to find that Mezzalira was linked with Italian and Sons, if they have similar menus I’d much prefer to sit in an open dining area at Mezzalira than the crowded space that is Italian and Sons (< but I want to still try at least once).

Venue: Mezzalira Ristorante

Address: 55 London Circuit  Canberra ACT 2601

Phone: (02) 6230 0025

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Delissio re-run


It wasn’t that long ago that I had noticed the considerable positive change in the staff’s attitude at Delissio Brasserie and I was keen to see if the same had happened at Delissio in Curtin. We were greeted by a smiling friendly face who was kind enough to open the door for us as we entered the restaurant. A good start!

One of the first things I noticed was the new style of menu with lots of changes but still thankfully had some ‘old but gold’ dishes remained on there too. The menu had only been out for a couple of days and I was excited to try something new.


Specials board: Pork with parsnip puree and muscat jus ($15.00) I was completely blown away by this! The pork was perfect and had just a hint of fat under the crispy skin and I made sure I scraped as much of the parsnip puree onto my fork as I could.

Zucchini Fritti haloumi, cumin and shallots, topped with paprika yoghurt ($10.00). I thought they were a little undercooked on the inside.

Linguine Oceana prawns, calamari, market fresh fish, tomato, garlic, chilli and parsley ($28.00) You think we would get bored of this dish but we don’t. Cooked well today and not bland at all.

Penne Delissio bacon, chorizo, capsicum, olives in a light chilli tomato sauce ($24.00) My friend reached for the cheese before I reached for my camera. 

Canneloni Bolognaise braised beef in red wine, oregano and tomato ($24.00) I opted to try something from the new menu. The beef was very tender but I found the tomato based sauce very intense. It would have been balanced out by the melted cheese but the cheese flavour wasn’t strong enough, but luckily I had more of a cheese taste in my last mouthful. I don’t think I would order this again.

Overall I had a fantastic lunch despite a few of the dishes. The atmosphere amongst the staff has really improved and it is now a lot more attentive. I want to come back during dinner service to see how they go and of course try more of their delicious food.