Knead re-run


Back at Knead again, that didn’t take too long did it? This time I was going to stay a little while longer and try some savouries.

Pork and fennel sausage roll – This was really good, a delicious filling and the pastry was lovely too. I really wanted to try the other flavours but I had just finished eating breakfast @ Bean and Grain. 

Tiramisu – not as good as the one from Mezzalira, but still very good!

Chocolate tart– this was ridiculously rich (more of a dark chocolate tart), definitely one to eat last because it is so sweet, it even made my lemonade taste like water afterwards, that is how sweet it is.

Chocolate eclair– nothing too special, it had a nice chocolate custard filling.

The sausage roll for me was definitely the highlight! Maybe I just happened to get the best tarts the first time round, or maybe I just need to try them all to really be sure.