Bread Nerds re-run


A few of us from work headed over to Bread Nerds for lunch. I felt bad for sneaking there earlier to try their breakfast but lunch is a whole new ball park.

Piri piri chicken, roast capsicum, mayonnaise and mixed salad leaves ($8.00)

The rolls are HUGE! I don’t know how much I would enjoy the bread to filling ratio but my friends really enjoyed it.

A lot more hot food to choose from! Yay, but now to decide… Hmmmm


Butter chicken pie– tasted more like a chicken curry with vegetables but I really liked it

Breakfast pie with bacon and egg– this was sadly disappointing, it was really dry and had the texture of a really dried out quiche.

Despite the out of the way location (for me), there are still so many pie flavours I want to try and pastries that I want to eat.