Thai Food Festival


It was a great sunny day to be outdoors and eating Thai food. My friend and I braved the crazy car parking scene around the embassy to embark on a day of Thai food eating. There were many stalls from Thai restaurants I haven’t been to before, I saw that Thip’s Thai had a stall this year and headed straight for their line.

Pad Thai– One of the better ones I have had and with the high turn over, the noodles were fresh and hot.

Fish cakes– This was really really good, had a bit of a kick to it too, YUM!

Chicken satay skewers– A mandatory food to have on the day.

BBQ grilled pork- Nothing too outstanding, would have been better on a bed of rice.

Vietnamese pancake– This was a risk ordering this considering we had no idea what was in it. It is a thin crepe with delicious pork, nuts and bean sprouts inside. I’m definitely ordering this again next year!

Pork dumplings– I didn’t expect for them to have dumplings here but I was happy to eat them.

Steamed fish curry in a banana leaf– if I hadn’t eaten the delicious fish cakes from Thip’s first, I would have thought this tasted like a nice fish cake with a different texture, but since I didn’t it, tasted bland in comparison.

Dried beef– MMMM fast becoming one of my favourite foods, of course I had it with sticky rice.

Papaya salad– This was a picture of my friend’s salad, she didn’t think the first one was hot enough so she bought another one from a different stall and said it was much better.

Banana fritter– A little oil but a lovely sweet way to finish the meal.

I had a go at the wishing tree where everyone gets a prize, I didn’t get a trip to Thailand for two but I did get a bag of rice and a bottle of oyster sauce. YAY!

Maybe I’ll see you next year?