Zumbaron- the non fried flavours

Salt and vinegar was so amazing. From putting it in your mouth, chewing and the after taste you go through a taste journey. At first it’s salty, then a hit if vinegar and then a nice caramel after taste. So good!

PB&J- more chocolate and peanut butter but there’s a hint of jam in there, almost like a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

Redskin- as soon as it goes in your mouth, you know instantly its red skin. All the delicious taste without it sticking to your teeth.

Cola- we didn’t know what it was when we picked it as the next macaron to eat and after swallowing, I still don’t know what it is! Very disappointing.

Passionfruit and basil- I could taste basil straight away and Tim could taste the passionfruit straight away. So amazing to have that taste from a macaron.

Pancakes with maple syrup- definitely like the real thing without getting out the fry pan.

Lychee- very creamy centre and a subtle taste.

Gin and tonic- whoa! A kick and a half of gin, a big surprise if you didn’t expect it to be that strong! I particularly loved the cucumber centre. A true classy touch.

Beetroot and raspberry- didn’t taste beetroot but it had a lovely subtle raspberry flavour.

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