Welcome to Taipei where they sure do know how to eat! #food #sashimi #fish #seafood #Taipei (Taken with Instagram)


Singapore Series- International QC on DTF

When you think of breakfast, dumplings isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but for me, I can eat dumplings at any time (plus by the time we crawled out of our very comfortable bed it wasn’t that early anyway ). I couldn’t help myself but stop by my closest Din Tai Fung store in Singapore and see if their xiao long bao was consistently good across the globe.

Green apple and pineapple juices– so sweet and refreshing.

Steamed vegetable dumplings– delicious but no where near as good as what was to come.

Pork chop and fried rice– the fried rice came out nice and hot and the pork was so tender.

Their famous Xiao Long Bao- I wanted to order more but Timmy convinced me to save my stomach for the next meal. 

Steamed buns

An inside look of the chilli crab and pork steamed bun- a hit of chilli but it is counteracted by the subtle sweetness of the bun.

The service and dumplings are consistently fabulous with all the locations in Australia. I wanted to order their noodles too but Timmy reminded me I wanted to eat french toast at the place next door afterwards.