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Singapore Series- Disappointment at High society

We probably got a little greedy with going to another food shop STRAIGHT after Toast Box and eating our 3rd meal/snack within the hour, but the pretty cupcakes lured us in like sirens and we couldn’t help ourselves.

Vanilla ‘macaroon’– I guess my first warning sign should have been that they called it a macaroon. This was disgusting, dry, tasteless and worst of all stale. I guess everything can’t be delicious in Singapore.

Pistachio and raspberry cupcake– I picked this because of the pretty icing and colours but I was also pleasantly surprised by how the flavours complimented each other.

The icing was very pretty but waaaaaaaay too rich but the cake itself was very tasty and moist.

We informed the staff that the macaron was terrible and stale but I don’t know if she heard because she just smiled and processed the bill.