Ramen at Wagamama


Who hasn’t been to Wagamama, so you’re probably wondering why I came here. During their most recent newsletter my eyes widened with excitement when I read that they were bringing pork ramen to the menu. It was probably more for the  Winter months  but better late than never, on a bright  Spring day  I take Timmy out for a bowl of noodles.

Pork belly ramen– udon noodles in a soup topped with grilled low cooked pork belly and seasonal greens, garnished with beansprouts, coriander, mint, basil, chilli and carrots ($19.90). I must say I didn’t read much past pork belly, but I thought ‘pork belly ramen’ would actually use ramen noodles and not udon. The soup wasn’t thick and rich but more of a salty consomme. As a ‘ramen’ it was unauthentic but as a bowl of noodles everything went well together and the pork was fatty and delicious.

Venue: Wagamama

Address: shop fgo8 ground floor, 125 bunda st, Civic, ACT 2601

Phone: (02) 6248 7955

Wagamama on Urbanspoon

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