Happy Sage day to you!


It was Timmy’s birthday so I whisked him away to Sage for lunch. Sage are currently have a lunch prix fixe menu where they try and have you in and out within the hour.

Lunch prix fixe menu – Tuesday to Saturday 3 courses ($50.00)

Complimentary bread straight from the oven.


Cured ocean trout – horseradish meringue, fennel, leek, lemon, hazelnut. Stunning presentation but I found the horseradish a bit overwhelming and hard to fuse the different elements of the plate together.

Jerusalem artichoke soup caramelized baby onion, crème fraiche, px glaze. This was a great surprise. The soup was very light in texture but not light in flavour and it went really well with the complimentary bread.


Grilled porterhouse – pomme frittes, béarnaise, watercress. This is the biggest portion I’ve ever seen at Sage! I loved the ‘chip jenga’ stack but they could have been a little bit more crispy. It wasn’t the best piece of meat I’ve had.

Roast chicken – fondant potato, mint pea a la française. When people ask me what my least favourite food is I say ‘peas’ in a heart beat, so I was just as surprised as Tim when I finished everything on the plate. The chicken skin was really nice and crispy with juicy meat. The fondant potato was underwhelming but the combination of peas, cabbage and pork made up for the vegetables on the plate.


Vanilla rice pudding and strawberry compote. Not the most appealing look or texture, I much prefer the other dessert.

Fresh raspberries & crème pâtisserie. The raspberry sorbet was delicious and intense. The beautiful colours made this dessert really pop. 


Timmy must be enjoying his birthday present, his second visit to Nespresso in two weeks. He has now got a card and everything! Shhhhh… Nespresso has new limited flavours coming out on Monday- macadamia, coconut and hazelnut. Better stock up, they usually sell out within the first few weeks!