I know some people aren’t going to be happy that I went to Kusina without them (sorry Dan!), but just think of it as a test run. I’ve seen the menu and there are a lot of things I want to try.

Kusina is a newly opened Filipino restaurant offering unique beverages, mains and sides.

I’m ready to eat! I love the double walled glasses.


Lumpiang Sariwa (2pcs)fresh spring roll, crepe wrapper with stir fried vegetables ($7.00). This is a fresh take on a spring roll! The vegetable stir fry was served nice and hot and although I didn’t eat this with any finesse, it was very delicious.

Pritong Manok (5pcs)crispy chicken wings, banana ketchup mayonnaise ($7.00). I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- I’ve got a soft spot for chicken wings so as non adventurous as this entree is, I still chose it. Who knew I’d enjoy the vegetarian entree more, these were like crispy wicked wings from KFC without the heat.


Chicken Inasal grilled spring chicken, lemon grass, garlic, ginger and soy sauce ($18.50). I had trouble deciding on a main so when I asked the waitress, she said this dish was the most popular dish and she wasn’t lying because I saw everyone around me order it as well. This had a nice charcoal taste and the meat was nice and moist.

Lechon Kawaiicrispy pork belly ($18.50). As short as this description was, we were sold! Somewhat fatty but they weren’t lying, it was VERY crispy. It isn’t really a special dish nor did it have unique flavours but if you love pork with crispy skin, you will think it’s awesome.


Even though we were really really full and the dessert menu looked tempting, I convinced my friend to go to ‘that gelato place‘ with me which just opened up next door, but Kusina also had a great selection of cakes including a crazily tall purple yam cake, mini cupcakes and cupcakes.

Being the only restaurant in the area serving breakfast, Kusina can get very busy, so definitely book to avoid disappointment.

Venue: Kusina

Address: Whitney Place, Cooleman Court, Weston Creek, ACT (next to ‘that gelato place’)

Phone: (02) 6288 8461

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