I don’t usually make it up to Gungahlin so it is great when friends let you know what’s new and where is good to eat. Kokoro came as a recommendation but I could find next to no information online about where it was and the phone number to book. Lucky for me I have a foodie friend who I knew would definitely have this information.

It was very lucky I went out of my way to find the number to book because this restaurant was packed, which made me more eager to see what this place was all about.

Takoyakioctopus balls ($9.50) Delicious and served nice and hot. I love the texture of octopus in these balls.

Chicken katsu medium rolls 8 pieces ($11.50). The pickled ginger was really delicious and definitely not from a packet. They were generous with their portion of chicken.

Volcanorolled with tempura prawn, cucumber, crab topped with spicy cheese sauce, fresh tuna ball ($21.50). Not very traditional for sushi I know but it came highly recommended so I had to get it. I didn’t think it was too spicy at first, but some bites were hotter than others oddly enough. I couldn’t really distinguish the different ingredients within the sushi, the cheese and spicy sauce were over powering.

Medium sushi set 10 pieces sushi, 6 small rolls ($23.00). We enjoyed the grilled fishes more than the sashimi. I found the tuna sashimi the most unexciting and lacking flavour, other than that everything tasted fresh and tasty.

Who knew you could find decent Japanese at the G! I will be back to order some noodles and Kokoro’s special makisushi.  Thanks for the recommendation Katie!

Venue: Kokoro

Address: Shop 34, The G, Coles shopping centre, 40 Hibberson St, Gungahlin, ACT 2912

Phone: (02) 6241 7450

Opening hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm

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Happy Sage day to you!


It was Timmy’s birthday so I whisked him away to Sage for lunch. Sage are currently have a lunch prix fixe menu where they try and have you in and out within the hour.

Lunch prix fixe menu – Tuesday to Saturday 3 courses ($50.00)

Complimentary bread straight from the oven.


Cured ocean trout – horseradish meringue, fennel, leek, lemon, hazelnut. Stunning presentation but I found the horseradish a bit overwhelming and hard to fuse the different elements of the plate together.

Jerusalem artichoke soup caramelized baby onion, crème fraiche, px glaze. This was a great surprise. The soup was very light in texture but not light in flavour and it went really well with the complimentary bread.


Grilled porterhouse – pomme frittes, béarnaise, watercress. This is the biggest portion I’ve ever seen at Sage! I loved the ‘chip jenga’ stack but they could have been a little bit more crispy. It wasn’t the best piece of meat I’ve had.

Roast chicken – fondant potato, mint pea a la française. When people ask me what my least favourite food is I say ‘peas’ in a heart beat, so I was just as surprised as Tim when I finished everything on the plate. The chicken skin was really nice and crispy with juicy meat. The fondant potato was underwhelming but the combination of peas, cabbage and pork made up for the vegetables on the plate.


Vanilla rice pudding and strawberry compote. Not the most appealing look or texture, I much prefer the other dessert.

Fresh raspberries & crème pâtisserie. The raspberry sorbet was delicious and intense. The beautiful colours made this dessert really pop. 

Timmy must be enjoying his birthday present, his second visit to Nespresso in two weeks. He has now got a card and everything! Shhhhh… Nespresso has new limited flavours coming out on Monday- macadamia, coconut and hazelnut. Better stock up, they usually sell out within the first few weeks!

The Fish Shack


I was out on a mad dash buying birthday presents but a gal has gotta stop for lunch. Conveniently located off Bunda street, The Fish Shack only uses fresh Australian sustainable fish while making everything fresh to order.

Beef burgerprime beef, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, red onion and tomato chilli relish ($13.50). This looked like a really good juicy patty and it tasted like a well seasoned rissole. I personally prefer cheese on my burger (well cheese on anything really) and I’m tempted to get a burger next time.

Fish and chipslarge size premium beer battered fish served with chips, dips and lemon ($13.50). I couldn’t go to the Fish Shack and not order fish and chips! Boasting ‘the best beer batter’ using Burleigh 28 Pale ale, I opted for the beer batter fish while resisting getting my usual favourite of crumbed fish. A great coating served hot and not oily, I still think the crumbed would have been better or maybe that’s just a personal preference.

With a simple ordering system of ordering and paying at the counter, food comes out relatively quick and hot. Despite being busy this doesn’t compromise their quality of food. There were a lot of things that caught my eye on the menu that I would like to come back and try.

Venue: The Fish Shack

Address: Petrie Plaza Off Bunda St, Canberra, ACT 2601

Phone: (02) 6248 5822

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Wild duck


I’ve been wanting to go to Wild duck since it opened but never got around to it (and I wasn’t quite sure where it was). After hearing rave reviews from multiple people, I thought today is the day I’m going to eat there.

The decor is traditional Chinese meets modern Western.

‘Food Travellers’ Banquet $49.00 pp

The people at Wild duck were nice enough to let us have the Food travellers banquet even though there were only three of us.

Shanghai wonton soupdelicate house-made chicken wontons in light chicken consomme with baby bok choy. Not an overly salty broth with dainty won tons.

Lotus root and pork parcelssliced young lotus root with lean pork mince in between, crispy fried in a light tempura batter with a vinegar ginger dipping sauce. I didn’t read that there was meat in these which made for a pleasant surprised. Despite being fried it wasn’t overly oily.

Asian herb and leaf salad combined lettuce, coriander, watercress, red radish, crispy noodles and cucumber, dressed with aged sesame vinaigrette. Nothing too special, it wouldn’t have mattered if it wasn’t included.

Roast duck rice paper rolls Chinese roast duck, cucumber, spring onion in Vietnamese style rice paper roll served with Hoi Sin sauce. Very delicious although my friend had a small bone in hers.

Let the mains begin!

Wild prawn papaya green curryA hotpot filled with wild caught Queensland prawns, diced fresh papaya and okra in Thai infused mild coconut green curry. It starts off as a sweet taste and ends with a bit of a bite on your tongue. I really enjoyed the addition of papaya in the curry.

Lemongrass infused chickenTender free range chicken marinated overnight in lemongrass, rosemary and garlic then char-grilled and served with sauteed green beans and carrot. We were particularly looking forward to this dish and it didn’t disappoint. Very flavoursome and tender.

Honey mustard fillet steakdiced beef eye fillet stir-fried in mild chilli, honey and mustard sauce, with sugar snap peas, King brown mushrooms, Gingko nuts and onion. A very strong honey mustard taste and this was hot hot hot! Even hotter than the curry! I had to have a lot of rice to accompany this dish. 

This wasn’t included in the banquet but it came highly recommended so I couldn’t leave without ordering fried mantou bread ($3.00) Wow, this tasted exactly the ones that I had in Singapore. Crispy outer coating encasing a fluffy sweet dough, perfect to counteract all the spice in the curry and fillet steak.

We weren’t really tempted by their dessert menu and it wasn’t really Chinese-esque. The service was really friendly and attentive which is always a bonus to the delicious food that they were serving. I would be very happy to return and try other dishes.

Venue: Wild duck

Address: 71 Giles Street, Kingston Foreshore, Kingston, ACT 2604

Phone: (02) 6232 7997

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