Me and Mrs. Jones


Me and Mrs. Jones had only been open for 3 weeks but the word must have spread as Sunday had a bustling brunch service, luckily I booked!


Tropical sunrise  strawberries, banana, mango nectar and passionfruit blended with ice ($8.00). I think the price is a bit steep for a beverage but it was very fruity and refreshing.

Motown mochachocolate pieces, double shot espresso, milk blended with ice and crushed flake ($8.00). Whoa! This was a hit in the face of coffee and chocolate flavours. A bit too strong for my liking.

The food took a while to arrive with a full dining area but they did apologise for the delay.

Buttermilk pancakes, fresh seasonal berries, sour cream gelati and vanilla bean syrup ($16.00). Great pancakes, Timmy ate this faster than he ordered it! I couldn’t tell that it was supposed to be sour cream gelati.


Smashing Persiansmashed avocado, Persian feta, soy linseed toast and poached egg ($17.00). It was very unlike me to choose an option without bacon but there was something really appealing about this dish. I thought it should have had another piece of toast or something to make it more filling but I had a day of eating ahead of me so I didn’t mind.



The interior decor has a very industrial feel. People were having lunch as I was leaving and they used really cute small fryer baskets to hold the chips with burgers.


I hope they continue their attentive friendly service. I’ve heard the burgers are really good but I really want to come back for more breakfast options like ‘parfait‘ – frozen yoghurt parfait, fresh stone fruit salad and pistachio crumble ($15.00) or ‘cassoulet‘ – white bean cassoulet, speck lardons, eshallots, poached egg and toasted sourdough.

Venue: Me and Mrs. Jones

Address: Corner of Giles & Kennedy Street, Kingston, ACT 2604

Phone: (02) 6162 3355