Bowral get away- Biota


I have been to Biota a few times, creating special memories every time I go and this was no exception. I’ve never had their market Sunday meals and it turns out it is unlike anything I’ve had before. 

Celebration Sunday 25th November ($55.00 pp)


Bellini with quince juice.


to start~ Such simple ingredients but an effective use of flavour. They had such big portions, it took a long time to finish it all between the two of us.

Citrus cured trout and orange. 


Vine tomato with percora curd and basil.


Biota croquettes, serrano and rye plate. Such fabulous croquettes!

Vegan options: spring salad with asparagus and vine tomato with basil and balsamic vinegar.

the mains~

Vegan option: I’m not quite sure what was on the plate but my friend enjoyed her meal.


Potato gratin with garden herb and onion. The potato gratin was so amazing, crunchy and cheesy.


Heirloom carrot salad with yoghurt, cumin and olive oil


Roast redleaf farm suckling pig with apple sauce. The skin was very crispy but I found parts of the thick cut of pork were a little dry. Nothing a little potato didn’t fix though.


to finish~

Stonefruit trifle with quince gelee, vanilla creme and passion fruit meringue. A refreshing, not too sweet way to finish the meal.


Vegan option



Definitely a different experience to the norm at Biota. A much more casual atmosphere leaning towards share plates and breaking bread with friends.

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