It was curious that when we walked to the Golden Drum for a Friday lunch that there were very few tables seated, but it did make me feel a little better that all those tables were full of Asians. My friends didn’t hesitate as they had been there the week before with other Chinese ladies who had ordered everything with little help from the menu. We were hoping to order some of the same things and try a few new things on our own.


There were a lot of photos in the menu which were really helpful but everything looked very spicy. I hope my palette can handle it. image


Stir fried eggplants with green beans ($18.80). The egg plant was really flavoursome and not too hot with the green beans.


Chairman Mao’s red-braised pork belly – Mao’s appetite for rich, red-braised pork belly is legendary and it’s a hot favourite among the rustic, home-style dish here ($18.80). Really odd colour of pork but very tender meat but the vegetables and tofu were more delicious as they soaked up all the sauce.


Braised spice king prawn, Hunan flavour ($29.80). The hottest dish out of the lunch. I scraped off all the chilli flakes from the prawn but every now and then one would magically leap from the plate to the prawn and into my mouth (or I didn’t scrape it clean enough and should have rinsed them in my tea). Nice salty prawns but not for the faint hearted or non chilli eaters.


Free complimentary sago in coconut milk dessert to cool the palette.


Definitely not your typical (or cheap) Chinese restaurant with black bean/satay/honey anything options, but more of a traditional dishes specialising in Sichuan style food. I didn’t mind the food but I’m not a fan of really hot chilli or the $$$ so I don’t know if I would return.

VenueGolden Drum

Address14 Childers St. Canberra City, ACT 2601, Canberra

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