Port Mac – The Stunned Mullet


Tim chose the destinations and I chose the restaurants, that was the deal, so when we arrived at Port Macquarie I knew exactly where I wanted to go. The Stunned Mullet is an open modern restaurant facing Town beach boasting delicious food with rave reviews.

I used their online booking service on their website but when I arrived they didn’t have a booking under my name but they seated us at their last available table and made note of my booking number to make sure that that doesn’t happen again with their booking service.




Mocktail ($9.00) and Hendricks Gin and Tonic ($9.00)


To start~

Freshly made bread with roasted chilli and Pecorino pepate infused little general EVO ($8.50). This might sound ridiculous because it is just bread and oil but really- WOW! A-MAZ-ING! The Pecorino oil was sooo good and had a great amount of flavour and when coupled with freshly made bread, I would be happy eating this all day every day.



Fish of the daypan fried Atlantic Salmon with crisp polenta cake, silverbeet, roasted capsicum gazpacho, parsley and almond pesto ($37.00).


250g Hormone free aged Tasmanian sirloin steak, thick fries, seasonal veg, wasabi butter, crispy leek ($36.00). A fabulously well cooked steak with the wasabi butter not being too overwhelming.


Confit duck leg truffled mash, sour cherry, rocket, pear and hazelnut salad with a verjuice vinaigrette ($36.00). Every aspect of this plate was fantastic, the duck was crispy, the salad components went really well together and the truffled mash was rich and delicious.



Vacherin a la mode meringues with pear sorbet and ginger ice cream  ($16.00)  A very interesting dessert to say the least. The flavours of the sorbet and ice cream worked extremely well together being unique and refreshing but the meringues only really participated in texture rather than taste.


Summer berry sundaeyoghurt vanilla cream, honeycomb ($16.00). I thought I would have preferred this dessert but this wasn’t as exciting as the a la mode nor was it memorable.


With the wonderful service and impeccable food I could see why The Stunned Mullet rated so highly on Urbanspoon. I would definitely come back and try more from the menu!

Venue: The Stunned Mullet

Address: 24 William street, Port Macquarie

Phone: (02) 65847757

Website: http://www.thestunnedmullet.com.au/

The Stunned Mullet on Urbanspoon