Gold Coast – High tea at Palazzo Versace

One of the ‘must do’s while I was at the Gold Coast was go to the Versace hotel and have high tea. Drinking tea while over looking the pool area with exquisite dainty sweets, it really didn’t take much convincing.




Fashionista High Tea ($45.00 pp)

Deliciously light scones with Bonne Maman preserves and whipped King Island Double cream. Heavenly selection of tailor made designer pastries, featuring cake pops, macarons, cupcakes, fresh fruit tartlet and more. Boulangerie assortment including homemade finger sandwiches with a range of bespoke fillings. 

Your choice from our range of Versace Collection coffees or teas.

Champagne High Tea ($70.00 pp)

Includes a glass of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Brut Champagne.



Hmmm, I thought it was odd that this tier was for two people but it didn’t have two of everything(?).


Let’s break it down plate by plate although it isn’t necessarily the order I ate it.

The plate of sweets including lamingtons, cake pops, a meringue tart, a fruit flan, a cupcake, éclairs and a chocolate cup.


Crust less finger sandwiches surrounding a sun-dried tomato and capsicum dip.


2 types of scones with double cream, a single sausage roll and a mini quiche.


They have a cute little stand for all the jams.


Time for scones with cream and jam.


A few things better than others on the tier but this is more about the experience and the extravagance with everything adorning the Versace logo.

Venue: Le Jardin at the Palazzo Versace

Address: 94 Seaworld Dr  Main Beach QLD 4217

Phone(07) 5509 8000

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HI! I recently moved to Canberra and I just found your blog. Where would you say the best Japanese an/or Korean restaurant is? :)

Oooh Japanese, I like several- Iori (41 E Row City )in Civic is always highly recommended, Ka Sushi Ramen (3/121 Marcus Clarke St) and I also really liked Kokoro (40 Hibberson St) in Gungahlin.

Korean – I’ve eaten at a few but haven’t been fully impressed but the nicest and most popular would have to be B-One Royal Secret Garden (175 City Walk Civic) in my opinion.

Port Mac – The Stunned Mullet


Tim chose the destinations and I chose the restaurants, that was the deal, so when we arrived at Port Macquarie I knew exactly where I wanted to go. The Stunned Mullet is an open modern restaurant facing Town beach boasting delicious food with rave reviews.

I used their online booking service on their website but when I arrived they didn’t have a booking under my name but they seated us at their last available table and made note of my booking number to make sure that that doesn’t happen again with their booking service.




Mocktail ($9.00) and Hendricks Gin and Tonic ($9.00)


To start~

Freshly made bread with roasted chilli and Pecorino pepate infused little general EVO ($8.50). This might sound ridiculous because it is just bread and oil but really- WOW! A-MAZ-ING! The Pecorino oil was sooo good and had a great amount of flavour and when coupled with freshly made bread, I would be happy eating this all day every day.



Fish of the daypan fried Atlantic Salmon with crisp polenta cake, silverbeet, roasted capsicum gazpacho, parsley and almond pesto ($37.00).


250g Hormone free aged Tasmanian sirloin steak, thick fries, seasonal veg, wasabi butter, crispy leek ($36.00). A fabulously well cooked steak with the wasabi butter not being too overwhelming.


Confit duck leg truffled mash, sour cherry, rocket, pear and hazelnut salad with a verjuice vinaigrette ($36.00). Every aspect of this plate was fantastic, the duck was crispy, the salad components went really well together and the truffled mash was rich and delicious.



Vacherin a la mode meringues with pear sorbet and ginger ice cream  ($16.00)  A very interesting dessert to say the least. The flavours of the sorbet and ice cream worked extremely well together being unique and refreshing but the meringues only really participated in texture rather than taste.


Summer berry sundaeyoghurt vanilla cream, honeycomb ($16.00). I thought I would have preferred this dessert but this wasn’t as exciting as the a la mode nor was it memorable.


With the wonderful service and impeccable food I could see why The Stunned Mullet rated so highly on Urbanspoon. I would definitely come back and try more from the menu!

Venue: The Stunned Mullet

Address: 24 William street, Port Macquarie

Phone: (02) 65847757


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I heart IPPUDO

Since my Japan trip, I have forever been chasing a close imitation, ANYTHING to mimic the food (especially the ramen) that I had while I was there. I had heard about Ippudo from my sister and cousin who told me that in the New York store had a waiting time of up to three hours! Lucky for me there was one coming to Sydney so I didn’t have to travel so far and hopefully wouldn’t have to wait as long.


Ippudo pork bun – steamed bun with braised pork and IPPUDO original sauce ($4.00 each). Ok I haven’t tried the world famous Momofuku pork buns but I was utterly blown away but the softness of the bun (I kept patting it like a new born’s bottom) and they were SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!



IPPUDO Gyoza Hakata style pan fried dumplings ($6.00 5 pcs). Crispy yummy dumplings.


I love it when the broth is so thick you can’t see the bottom of the spoon. These were amazing and I drank every last drop! After waiting a long time to get in (thanks for pre-waiting in line for us guys!), it doesn’t take long to decide what you want and receiving your order. The only thing I could fault was that there was not enough pork but that is just me being greedy.

We chose a range of ramens

Shiromaru MotoajiIPPUDO original tonkotsu broth served with thin noodles, pork loin, cabbage, black mushroom and shallots. Classic Hakata-style ramen ($15.00).

Akamaru Shinaji – IPPUDO original tonkotsu broth enhanced with special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil. Served with thin noodles, pork belly, black mushroom and shallots. A refined, modern style ramen ($16.00).

Karaka men IPPUDO original tonkotsu broth with special spicy miso and ground pork ($17.00).



Conclusion: not a hype, very delicious, very fast and very addictive. It saddens me to write this post and not be eating ramen. 

Venue: Ippudo

Address: Level 5 Westfield Sydney 188 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9573 0011

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The Elk and Pea Eating House


I wanted to get my car cleaned at Waves and I wanted to eat at Elk and Pea, so to kill two peacocks with one stone, we dropped my car off and headed towards the eat house. thought it was just a small cafe with outdoor seating but when we walked inside, the restaurant was a lot deeper with unique decorations.



Bacon and egg roll fried egg and bacon on a toasted bun and barbecue sauce ($10.00). Yes, I know, it is nothing special but this is what Timmy felt like. He claimed that there was “too much bacon”, which I thought was impossible but I didn’t mind because he would share the excess with me.


Smashed avocado and thyme butter shrooms marinated feta, torn basil, poached egg on sourdough ($17.00). It is very unlike me to order a vegetarian brunch but it combined a few of my favourite things on a generously butter smothered sourdough.


They’re not kidding, there are elks 


and pea(cocks).


This seems like the place to go to catch up with friends or there is a table where everyone seems to be ignoring the other person with a very big newspaper if that’s your thing. I would like to come back and try their lunch/dinner menu.

Venue: The Elk and Pea Eating House

Address: 21 Lonsdale St, Braddon, ACT

Phone: (02) 61620222


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Ain’t no body got time for that

Bowls of curries, Greek platter plates and burgers, ain’t no body got time for that! I can’t commit that much of my days filling at the annual Multicultural festival to one nation, so like every other year I pecked and grazed all day, trying as many unique things as I could.

Everything had been shuffled around from their usual locations so I was surprised when I came across Poffertjes with no line what so ever (maybe the crowd hadn’t found it yet). Jumping at the opportunity, Dutch pancakes was our first stop of the day ($10.00 a plate).

Tim asked me if there were only three stalls I could go to at the Multicultural festival this year which one would they be. After some thought I told him- Hungarian, Lithuanian and Sicilian. So my eyes lit up when I saw the Lithuanian stand, but wait, what does that say? Lithuanian potato pancakes ($5.00)? That’s not right, what happened to the dumplings(?!), nooooooooo. The potato pancake was slightly burnt on the bottom and even with the sour cream and bacon it wasn’t great.

Hanging out with a group of people, I took the opportunity to buy Loukoumades ($6.00) as they sold them by the bowl. These Greek crispy doughnuts drizzled in honey are so delicious and I get them every year!


RRRRRRRRum baba ($4.50)! I found my Sicilian dessert stand with the same favourite sweets. Cannolis, Italian doughnuts and rum babas– oh my!

We went to the Tongan stand to cool off with a Otai ($5.00) watermelon, coconut and coconut cream, but while we were there their Tongan doughnuts caught my eye ($1.00).

I wasn’t trying to eat doughnuts from all around the world but started to look that way. Croatian doughnuts ($5.00 a bag) were hot, sweet and crispy.image

 I felt lost after learning that there was no Hungarian stand this year and the Russians and Lithuanian weren’t making any dumplings but my friend told me about the Peruvian street food stall. A big potato croquette stuffed with beef, cheese and egg, topped with salsa and chilli sauce ($10.00). This was AWE-SOME! Unique, delicious and definitely the highlight of the day. 

I know this is sacrilege considering it’s just fried potato and not associated with any particular nation but it didn’t stop us from participating ($5.00 for a chip on a stick).

Turkish Gozleme (stuffed with spinach, feta and Turkish mince) stalls really dominated this year so we chose the stand with the most Turkish women hoping for the most authentic. 

The Waffle Kitchen were offering two deep welled waffles topped with fresh blueberries and a variety of home made sauces ($10.00). Definitely worth it!


Off to the African Village where the Ghana stall caught my eye with their unique food. Koseeblack eye beans with paprika and salt ($2.00) tasted peppery and savoury with a fluffy zucchini ball like texture.

I also had Greek souvlaki ($3.50) that was really well marinated and cooked. There weren’t that many Asian stalls this year (I didn’t even have any Thai satay this year!) but I noticed that there were a lot of Turkish, Indian and German.

After braving the crowds, heat and heavy down pour I had had enough after almost 8 hours of walking around and felt happy that I had ventured through the whole festival trying all that was unique and interesting.

Looking forward to the next one!