Canberra Day Monday 11 March 2013, One Very Big Day



The Gourmet Food and Wine Marketplace will showcase the very best in local food, wine and produce. The growers and producers in the Marketplace have been hand-selected from the finest in the region, and will feature gourmet meals, cheeses, wine, oils and vinegars, coffee, ice cream, breads and patisserie items and boutique growers.

Visitors can purchase supplies direct from the producers and picnic by the lake, or buy delicious meals from one of the pop-up restaurant stalls to enjoy in the open-air dining area.

The Gourmet Good and Wine Marketplace is managed by AGB Events.


New Location, new fittings and new furniture but the same great taste. When Linda told me that Jimmy’s was going to be shut for a quick 2 weeks to move down the street to their new location, I didn’t think I would miss it but towards the end I was counting down the days. 

While we were there for a late 9pm dinner, people were continually coming in every few minutes for dinner (I think the footy just finished), even as we were leaving at 10:30pm people were still streaming in. I love their convenient late opening hours while everything else around was shut. 

Good luck to Jimmy’s in their new location. Mud crabs are at $46.00 per kg FYI. image