Soju girl

Oooops, how did I miss out on blogging about my Valentines dinner with a good friend of mine!? Just because both our partners were busy doesn’t mean we had to let a reservation to Soju girl go to waste.

If you’ve eaten with me, you would know about my struggle that I have with a menu with too many interesting options, so when we had a plan of getting one ‘Small plate’ and two ‘Large plates’ we were ready to order! The waiter then explains that we were better off getting more small plates and maybe one large plate as the large was designed to be shared between two people. *sigh* back to the drawing board, to be honest I thought the large plates were more exciting.

Small plates~

Seared scallops, sweet corn and tomato salsa, chilli soy paste ($22.00). Delicious and juicy scallops paired with the salsa made this dish light and refreshing.


Chargrilled tiger prawns, crispy wonton salad, lime caramel ($4.50 each minimum of 3). A visually stunning dish. I liked how you could taste the char grill as well as the sweetness of the prawn itself.


Specials: Pork belly skewers with bulgogi sauce ($18.00). My least favourite of the small plates, there wasn’t anything wrong with it per se but there wasn’t anything interesting on the palette about it at all (and I found the meat a bit tough).



Large plate~

Coconut braised duck, yellow curry ($37.00)A much improved curry to my previous visit, where this time the duck was moist, tender and took in the flavours of the rich and flavourful curry which had bursts of sweetness from unexpected lychees.



Deconstructed raspberry shortcake, lychee, parfait, meringue ($14.00). I always thought that a ‘deconstructed’ anything was really wanky and somewhat lazy but I really like raspberries which is why I chose this dessert (plus I knew my friend would be ordering the very popular chocolate fondant). The four textures of raspberries was very interesting, most textures brought out the sweetness of the berry but the foam was rather tart which I didn’t really enjoy but could be balanced out by the lychee jelly or meringue.


Chocolate fondant, salted caramel, peanut butter ice cream ($18.00). I could tell my friend was super eager to try the chocolate fondant as she chose her dessert before she even chose her dinner! Everything was perfect on the plate- a molten rich chocolate fondant with a perfect amount of salted caramel all balanced by the peanut butter ice cream.


Attentive wait staff and fantastic company but I’m still undecided where I stand about this restaurant. There are special memorable dishes and some mediocre dishes but all are charged a ridiculous price. I did leave feeling full but that might have had something to do with the fact that I had my share of rice and then some.

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