Out with the Italian, in with the Brazilian

After a longer than I would have liked bus ride into Canberra last night, Timmy whisked me off to have one of my comfort foods as my welcome back into the cold rainy city.

As I sat at Jimmy’s waiting for my 1kg+ mud crab with ginger and shallots to arrive, I remembered that a little birdy from work told me that Zeffers in Dickson was closing down (still open in Belconnen) making way for a new Brazilian BBQ place. When I was done clearing the whole plate of crab and noodles, I had to walk past and check for any signage/promise to see if this rumour was true.

Brazilian style BBQ had been a trend in Sydney and Wollongong a few years ago, glad to see Canberra is catching up with the times. image

The Copa Brazilian Churrasco brings the mouth-watering BBQ style cooking techniques of Brazil to Canberra. Experience the excitement and theatre of food cooked over an open fire as freshly barbequed sword-length skewers are carved straight onto your plate. There is no need for menus, you simply take your seat, relax and our servers will take care of the rest”.

So what are you all doing on the 8th of May? image

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Breakfast at Bicicletta

My friend and I were over due for a catch up and what better time to do so than over brunch. I hadn’t been to Bicicletta for over a year and I have never sampled their brunch/breakfast menu, so off we went on a beautiful Saturday morning.

The waiter seem to be confused when we arrived, he kept asking what room number we were in and we had to keep reiterating that we weren’t staying at the hotel and that we had booked a table for two. He eventually sat us at a table but he still looked slightly confused.

Omelette with spinach, asiago cheese and mushrooms ($14.00). I didn’t get to try it but my friend said she really enjoyed it.


Corn fritters bacon, sautéed spinach and provolone cheese tomato salsa ($14.00). This seemed like the most sensible choice as it varied from the usual bacon and eggs, pancakes and big breakfast, yet had all the elements to make it great, cheese, bacon and corn. Despite this, the dish fell completely flat for me. The corn fritters itself were a dull dry mess that had a kernel of corn in every other bite to remind me that I actually even ordered corn fritters. The provolone cheese seemed a little odd to me, reminding me off the individually sliced and wrapped ‘plastic’ cheese and they seemed to have replaced my sauteed spinach for a mesculin salad.


Their breakfast is not worth waking up early for, come a little later for lunch and dinner perhaps…

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Another Sydney restaurant bites the dust

bel mondo | restaurant bar balconyApril 2013

bel mondo’s days numbered (18 to go)

bel mondo has been unable to negotiate a lease with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.

As a valued client, we know  you’ve enjoyed this great and iconic restaurant for many years; it’s a successful business and we are sad to be closing it but we believe the SHFA does not want a restaurant in the premises so have made it impossible for us to extend the tenancy.

We close on Saturday May 11th. 

It means you’ve just got a few weeks to enjoy this restaurant for the last time!

We hope to see you soon!!!

All those rumours were actually true! Now the waiting game …
Jamie Oliver is opening up a Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Canberra! It will be taking the place of Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse on Bunda Street in Civic
Photo: Jamie Oliver is opening up a Jamie's Italian Restaurant in Canberra! It will be taking the place of  Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse on Bunda Street in Civic

Soulfood Kitchen re-run… Yes, already

You can tell the word is getting out about Soulfood Kitchen as it is packed most nights with happy patrons and it’s now on the ‘places to try next’ for many people. I was silly enough to try and come here one Thursday to get take away, only to find out that they only do takeaways between 3 – 6pm and the night had been fully booked out. Determined to take Timmy along, we arranged to book for the following Thursday to not to be disappointed again.

Soul Food Sampler get the platter loaded with goodies- smokin’ ribs, crab cake, prawn salad, buffalo wings, bourbon street oysters ($42.00). A few things had changed since I had been here last – the crab cake was better and there was a new addition of some sort of cold prawn salad that tasted very horseradishy. It is still a great way to try everything but my favourites are still the tender ribs and hot buffalo wings.


Victor’s Smokin’ ribsa rack of simply the best pork ribs you’ll find down under basted in Victor’s original BBQ sauce served with sweet potato french fries and crispy salad ($32.00). Not pictured, ooops, between all my nibbling I must have forgotten to take a photo. Nothing changed, still falls off the bone, very tender and delicious.

Ribs and chicken combohalf rack of smokin’ ribs combined with succulent grilled chicken breast served with fries and salad ($38.00). The chicken was very moist and had a delightful tangy taste.


Victor’s buffalo chicken wingsthese tasty chicken morsels orginated in Buffalo New York but you just have to [give] Victor’s a go. They are spicy and finger licken’ good! Accompanied by our not-so-ordinary ranch dressing served with fries ($16.00). I liked them so much from before that I decided to order them as a snack for the table. They do have a bit of a bite to them so don’t order them if you can’t handle spice.


Chicken and Andouille sausage Jambalayaanother New Orleans specialty is a hearty rice-based Louisiana classic. It’s loosely based on Spain’s Paella. It has a spicy and distinctive flavour. It’s “off the hook”.  ($19.00). While everyone was hoeing into ribs around me, I wanted to try something new that I didn’t eat last time (knowing that I would still get some ribs). I have never had jambalaya before so I have nothing to compare it to but if I had to describe it, it was like ‘Aussie taco filling’ with rice.The corn bread wasn’t dry but it wasn’t something I’d write home about.


Desserts~ Still $10.00 but the serves seems slightly smaller.

Key lime cheesecake – less mousse-y than before but it still had wonderful light texture with a refreshing key lime pie taste.

Victor’s Homemade sweet potato pie – tastes like a less sweeter version of pumpkin pie but you can definitely taste all the spices. It was a very smaller wedge of a very thin pie.

I couldn’t help but leave with a little souvenir as their BBQ sauce was soooooooooo good!

To read about my previous blog post less than two weeks ago, go here.

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Saigon gone wrong

After an exciting game of Roller Derby, my friends and I were on the hunt for dinner and I suggested to go to the Pearce shops with just minutes down the road and multiple places to choose from. When we arrived, Rama’s and Ethiopian Down Under were so busy and they were fully booked inside and out, so we decided to go to the quiet Saigon Restaurant in the corner (maybe that should have been our first hint). 

When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted with decor that hadn’t changed since the 80s, plastic bowls and plates and vinyl tablecloths. We had either found one of those places where the more dingy it looked, the better the food, or a restaurant that has food to match their decor.


Goi Cuonrice paper fresh rolls (2 rolls for $5.80). The rice paper rolls didn’t look too bad but when I took a bite it was the driest thing ever. It was truly terrible and lacked all the exciting fresh herbs that the Vietnamese use in their cooking.

Mi Don Rau Cai crispy egg noodles with mixed vegetables ($12.50). This wasn’t too bad, a very basic vegetable stir fry on top of some fried noodles.

Heo Ram Gungcaramelised pork with ginger and special sauce ($12.50). I didn’t really taste much ginger but it had a nice salty sauce, perfect for accompanying with rice.

Bo Rau Rambeef stir fried in Vietnamese mint, peanut ($12.50). The most authentic dish because it had the Vietnamese mint but the beef wasn’t really all that tender.

I don’t think the food on the menu really represented authentic Vietnamese but rather a skewed version of Westernised Chinese food. Albeit the dishes were very cheap, it was really mediocre food and not really Vietnamese. If you like cheap stir fried “Asian” dishes then this is the place for you, but if you want Vietnamese food I would suggest going somewhere else.

Venue: Saigon Restaurant

Address: 3 Hodgson Crescent, Hodgson Crescent, Pearce, ACT 2607

Phone(02) 6286 1235

Deep fried Golden Gaytime icecreams?! I need to get out more!

The restaurant scene is forever changing in Canberra and with so many new places opening, old places that I haven’t had a chance to try yet and with people telling me about restaurants that I didn’t even know existed, I’m trying to keep on top of it all!

I’m always keen to hear anything food related so let me know your experiences and what you would recommend. I would love to hear people’s thoughts!

p.s. Oh yes, you can get deep fried Gaytimes at the new ‘Shorty’s cafe’ where Milk and Honey used to be