Saigon gone wrong

After an exciting game of Roller Derby, my friends and I were on the hunt for dinner and I suggested to go to the Pearce shops with just minutes down the road and multiple places to choose from. When we arrived, Rama’s and Ethiopian Down Under were so busy and they were fully booked inside and out, so we decided to go to the quiet Saigon Restaurant in the corner (maybe that should have been our first hint). 

When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted with decor that hadn’t changed since the 80s, plastic bowls and plates and vinyl tablecloths. We had either found one of those places where the more dingy it looked, the better the food, or a restaurant that has food to match their decor.


Goi Cuonrice paper fresh rolls (2 rolls for $5.80). The rice paper rolls didn’t look too bad but when I took a bite it was the driest thing ever. It was truly terrible and lacked all the exciting fresh herbs that the Vietnamese use in their cooking.

Mi Don Rau Cai crispy egg noodles with mixed vegetables ($12.50). This wasn’t too bad, a very basic vegetable stir fry on top of some fried noodles.

Heo Ram Gungcaramelised pork with ginger and special sauce ($12.50). I didn’t really taste much ginger but it had a nice salty sauce, perfect for accompanying with rice.

Bo Rau Rambeef stir fried in Vietnamese mint, peanut ($12.50). The most authentic dish because it had the Vietnamese mint but the beef wasn’t really all that tender.

I don’t think the food on the menu really represented authentic Vietnamese but rather a skewed version of Westernised Chinese food. Albeit the dishes were very cheap, it was really mediocre food and not really Vietnamese. If you like cheap stir fried “Asian” dishes then this is the place for you, but if you want Vietnamese food I would suggest going somewhere else.

Venue: Saigon Restaurant

Address: 3 Hodgson Crescent, Hodgson Crescent, Pearce, ACT 2607

Phone(02) 6286 1235


Deep fried Golden Gaytime icecreams?! I need to get out more!

The restaurant scene is forever changing in Canberra and with so many new places opening, old places that I haven’t had a chance to try yet and with people telling me about restaurants that I didn’t even know existed, I’m trying to keep on top of it all!

I’m always keen to hear anything food related so let me know your experiences and what you would recommend. I would love to hear people’s thoughts!

p.s. Oh yes, you can get deep fried Gaytimes at the new ‘Shorty’s cafe’ where Milk and Honey used to be