Soulfood Kitchen re-run… Yes, already

You can tell the word is getting out about Soulfood Kitchen as it is packed most nights with happy patrons and it’s now on the ‘places to try next’ for many people. I was silly enough to try and come here one Thursday to get take away, only to find out that they only do takeaways between 3 – 6pm and the night had been fully booked out. Determined to take Timmy along, we arranged to book for the following Thursday to not to be disappointed again.

Soul Food Sampler get the platter loaded with goodies- smokin’ ribs, crab cake, prawn salad, buffalo wings, bourbon street oysters ($42.00). A few things had changed since I had been here last – the crab cake was better and there was a new addition of some sort of cold prawn salad that tasted very horseradishy. It is still a great way to try everything but my favourites are still the tender ribs and hot buffalo wings.


Victor’s Smokin’ ribsa rack of simply the best pork ribs you’ll find down under basted in Victor’s original BBQ sauce served with sweet potato french fries and crispy salad ($32.00). Not pictured, ooops, between all my nibbling I must have forgotten to take a photo. Nothing changed, still falls off the bone, very tender and delicious.

Ribs and chicken combohalf rack of smokin’ ribs combined with succulent grilled chicken breast served with fries and salad ($38.00). The chicken was very moist and had a delightful tangy taste.


Victor’s buffalo chicken wingsthese tasty chicken morsels orginated in Buffalo New York but you just have to [give] Victor’s a go. They are spicy and finger licken’ good! Accompanied by our not-so-ordinary ranch dressing served with fries ($16.00). I liked them so much from before that I decided to order them as a snack for the table. They do have a bit of a bite to them so don’t order them if you can’t handle spice.


Chicken and Andouille sausage Jambalayaanother New Orleans specialty is a hearty rice-based Louisiana classic. It’s loosely based on Spain’s Paella. It has a spicy and distinctive flavour. It’s “off the hook”.  ($19.00). While everyone was hoeing into ribs around me, I wanted to try something new that I didn’t eat last time (knowing that I would still get some ribs). I have never had jambalaya before so I have nothing to compare it to but if I had to describe it, it was like ‘Aussie taco filling’ with rice.The corn bread wasn’t dry but it wasn’t something I’d write home about.


Desserts~ Still $10.00 but the serves seems slightly smaller.

Key lime cheesecake – less mousse-y than before but it still had wonderful light texture with a refreshing key lime pie taste.

Victor’s Homemade sweet potato pie – tastes like a less sweeter version of pumpkin pie but you can definitely taste all the spices. It was a very smaller wedge of a very thin pie.

I couldn’t help but leave with a little souvenir as their BBQ sauce was soooooooooo good!

To read about my previous blog post less than two weeks ago, go here.

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