Breakfast at Bicicletta

My friend and I were over due for a catch up and what better time to do so than over brunch. I hadn’t been to Bicicletta for over a year and I have never sampled their brunch/breakfast menu, so off we went on a beautiful Saturday morning.

The waiter seem to be confused when we arrived, he kept asking what room number we were in and we had to keep reiterating that we weren’t staying at the hotel and that we had booked a table for two. He eventually sat us at a table but he still looked slightly confused.

Omelette with spinach, asiago cheese and mushrooms ($14.00). I didn’t get to try it but my friend said she really enjoyed it.


Corn fritters bacon, sautéed spinach and provolone cheese tomato salsa ($14.00). This seemed like the most sensible choice as it varied from the usual bacon and eggs, pancakes and big breakfast, yet had all the elements to make it great, cheese, bacon and corn. Despite this, the dish fell completely flat for me. The corn fritters itself were a dull dry mess that had a kernel of corn in every other bite to remind me that I actually even ordered corn fritters. The provolone cheese seemed a little odd to me, reminding me off the individually sliced and wrapped ‘plastic’ cheese and they seemed to have replaced my sauteed spinach for a mesculin salad.


Their breakfast is not worth waking up early for, come a little later for lunch and dinner perhaps…

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