Out with the Italian, in with the Brazilian

After a longer than I would have liked bus ride into Canberra last night, Timmy whisked me off to have one of my comfort foods as my welcome back into the cold rainy city.

As I sat at Jimmy’s waiting for my 1kg+ mud crab with ginger and shallots to arrive, I remembered that a little birdy from work told me that Zeffers in Dickson was closing down (still open in Belconnen) making way for a new Brazilian BBQ place. When I was done clearing the whole plate of crab and noodles, I had to walk past and check for any signage/promise to see if this rumour was true.

Brazilian style BBQ had been a trend in Sydney and Wollongong a few years ago, glad to see Canberra is catching up with the times. image

The Copa Brazilian Churrasco brings the mouth-watering BBQ style cooking techniques of Brazil to Canberra. Experience the excitement and theatre of food cooked over an open fire as freshly barbequed sword-length skewers are carved straight onto your plate. There is no need for menus, you simply take your seat, relax and our servers will take care of the rest”.

So what are you all doing on the 8th of May? image

Copa on Urbanspoon