During a lazy cold Friday, my friends and I were trying to decide where to go for a low key, simple non Asian dinner (we had many dumplings and bowls of rice for lunch). For some reason I was drawing a blank until late in the afternoon a light bulb went off in my head – Wilbur’s in Hackett. I had heard wonderful things about Wilbur’s atmosphere, service and most of all their PIZZA!

We were greeted with a friendly face and although we didn’t reserve a table they were able to sit us down and set us up with menus and water very promptly. They had a whole board full of reasonably priced delicious options but I was here for pizzas and I didn’t need to add more choices to an already very vast list of pizza toppings.


Garlic pizzashaved parmesan cheese, drizzled with olive oil ($9.90). A perfect entree with garlic and cheesey goodness.


When we asked the waitress what her favourite pizza was, she said the Artisan without any hesitation, so obviously that had to be one of the choices.

Artisan (right) – garlic, artichoke, fresh basil, bocconcini, pepperoni ($17.90)

Wilbur’s Way (left)chorizo, mushroom, capsicum, olives ($16.90)

We couldn’t pick a favourite, both had a delicious base, not overly oily and had a nice mix of flavours and they weren’t heavy handed with the ingredients. I can see why people come here for the food.

Some of us weren’t content leaving without dessert so we did the girly thing and shared several cakes between us.

Chocolate mud and Lime coconut cake. Your typical ‘cafe cakes’, nothing too special. I felt the chocolate mud could have been served warm for a better outcome but the lime and coconut cake was very moist with a clear refreshing lime zest.

Wilbur’s has a great staff service with a diverse atmosphere, sporting a fire place for a more intimate setting at the back and giant TVs for sport enthusists at the front. No matter where you are in the cafe bar, everyone seemed to be having a good time and enjoying their meal.

Venue: Wilbur’s Cafe Bar

Address: 14 Hackett Place, Hackett, ACT 2602

Phone: (02) 6262 5406

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