Oh loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix

Ok I wasn’t alone and technically it was a cheeseburger.

When I met up with friends last night to discuss details of our Japan trip, I might have eaten a speckle too much and on the verge of burping aioli all night but I did it in the name of research – which is best burger at Brodburger?

I thought to myself- why should I always order the same burger when I haven’t tried them all and established a true favourite? All the boys had already set their hearts on a brodchicken and I’ve already had a brodchicken so they were of no use to me. I was able to convince Anita to go halves in two burgers with me- brodburger with brie (its the one I usually get and was a backup for my tastebuds if I really didn’t like the others) and brodbattered fin and then also try a baby brodveggie on the side.

Now I’m a big red meat eater through and through but I much preferred the brodbattered fin over my brodburger and because I’m such a big fan of haloumi and eggplant, I think I might have even enjoyed the brodveggie the most (I’m surprised just as much as you)!

So just remember, just because you thought you hit the jackpot by liking the first thing you tried, you could still be missing out, but if you try something different and you don’t like it as much… Well I take no responsibility for that.


*No photos were taken as I was too busy stuffing my face.


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