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Got greedy…

Leaving Osaka today and bound for Tokyo for one last shopping crazed day before heading home. What should I eat before getting on a 3 hr Shinkansen trip? Anything and everything!

We walk into a food hall across the street, the smell of pastries fill my nostrils, my eyes dart everywhere trying to take it all in- Harrods, dozens of pastry stalls, yakitori, fried chicken, grilled eel on rice, gyoza, beautifully decorated cakes, fresh fruit, salads, steamed pork buns and much much more. If there was a foodie heaven, this would be it.

I wanted to squeal but instead I grab a tray and a set of tongs and go wild. I was like a kid in a toy store. Croissants, danishes, hotdog rolls, pancakes, breads, palmiers, waffles, caneles, pastries, egg and bacon rolls- they had it all (and I wanted it all)! Not wanting to put all my eggs in one basket (or breads on one tray), I order a few things from two different bakeries before rushing over to get some hot food. The gyoza was delicious, I get half a dozen, I didn’t care what anyone else was getting. It was every man and woman for themselves down here.

To my disappointment, there was nowhere at all to eat this delicious food so I reluctantly agree to wait until the Shinkansen. I felt that the bag of food mocked me as I carried it everywhere but was not able to eat a single morsel. *insert annoyed hungry face here*

We brave the hustle and bustle of the Osaka subway with our oversized luggage (and food) bags and head towards the Shinkansen station. I seize an opportunity to buy some beard papa between platforms. Like I didn’t buy enough food already but I couldn’t help myself.

After we rushed towards our platform and get to the right cart. I start ripping open different bags and wrappers and start eating like I haven’t eaten in days. I only get through half of my goodies before I start slowing down.

Got greedy…

Now I sit here drifting in and out of consciousness and slowly going into a food coma…