Curry in a hurry

After only just getting back into the country, my friend took me to a new (well new to me) curry place in the city, Mon Thani. I’ve only been gone for just two weeks but new places are always popping up in Canberra.

It looks like the same people that run ‘The Burmese Curry place‘ near the city bus interchange but I’m not sure.


The ordering system is easy- you go in, hope that there are seats available otherwise you get your meal to take away. There are 9 dishes to choose from and you can choose two with some rice for $8.00, but it looked like if you eat in you slightly get a little bit more of everything.

1. Beef and potato curry                    6. Beef bamboo curry

2. Egg curry                                          7. Pork mince stir fry 

3. Prawn cake curry                           8. Tofu stir fry

4. Vegetarian curry                           9. Prawn stir fry

5. Green chicken curry

My friend and I both chose the beef and potato curry but it seems like the #9 prawn stir fry was the store favourite. The beef was very tough and chewy, not at all like I expected but there was a good ratio of beef to potato. I chose the pork mince stir fry for my second dish as I really like snake beans, it was okay, overall not very flavoursome.

My friend who is a bit more adventurous than me chose the egg curry which I thought wouldn’t sell much but she said that it was rather quite nice.

Even though I work near the city, I found driving across Northbourne and parking in the area too labourious for mediocre curries. I don’t know if I would come here again.

Venue: Mon Thani

Address: Petrie Place up from the merry-go-round towards the Fish Shack, Civic, ACT



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