Quick lunch at Autolyse

When my heart was set on a hot delicious chicken and vegetable pie from Cornucopia, I was sadden to see that it was closed on Mondays (I thought it was too good to be true that we got a park right out the front). My brain quickly flickered to plan B – Autolyse was a bakery that I hadn’t tried but had heard wonderful things about their bread and was around the corner near Elk and Pea.


I was a little disappointed to see that there was no hot food to go (and the roast beef sandwiches were sold out) but I opted for a Salmon caper sandwich on thick crusty bread and of course I grabbed a chocolate croissant and a escargot to go also. image 

For a person who doesn’t usually buy sandwiches, this one was ok, I wasn’t a fan on the salty capers that they used and I wasn’t overly impressed with the chocolate croissant either but what blew me away was the escargot! The pastry was crisp and tasty, the sultanas were plump and sweet, if I knew it was that good I would have just bought three of those for lunch. image

I wouldn’t mind sitting down and browsing their menu a little longer next time (but car parking is so hard in Braddon!) after all everyone that was dining in seemed happy, even if it’s to get some more escargot. image

Venue: Autolyse

Address: 21 Lonsdale St, Braddon, ACT 2612

Phone02 6262 8819

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For years I have driven through Queanbeyan and see the Buffalo Bistro – question, is it really a restaurant (what is the food like???) or is it simply a front for outlaw motorcycle gangs??? Just kidding of course – but I am too scared to even try it!!! It remains elusive on google – so you could be doing us all a favour by being a pioneer?!

I haven’t been through Queanbeyan for a while since my friend moved, sounds dodgy though. Has anyone heard about this place?