Dessert at Eightysix

I went to Eightsix agessss ago but I didn’t get around to posting about it before I left to go to Japan. I didn’t realise how poor the photos were until I looked at them again, we sat outside and it was very dim there so I couldn’t help it. Maybe next time I’ll bring my own lighting?

The only time slot we could get was 9:15pm on a Saturday night, so I decided to go for dessert. When we arrived at 9:20pm, there were still people queuing for dinner which is crazy, so we opted to sit outside to get a seat right away rather than waiting, it wasn’t too cold and I knew we weren’t staying long.

It is definitely a trendy little place and every time I went to take a photo of the door for opening hours, the surrounding tables etc the waiters would jump into the shot and pose. The friendly waitress was talking about hipsters, being trendy and instagram, it was unlike any other place I’ve been to.


Their don’t have a written menu, everything is written on the blackboard, interchangeable and changed daily.

All desserts were $14.00 and there were only four options but they ran out of creme brulee so we chose one of each of the remaining.


Chocolate sour cherries – I’m not particularly fond of cherries but this was a great combination with the chocolate. The random dry waffle bits thrown in let the plate down though.


Salted popcorn sundae with waffle, popcorn and ice cream – I really liked the though of popcorn in my dessert, the saltiness really brought out the sweetness of the dessert and added great texture.


White chocolate semifreddo – I couldn’t taste the white chocolate and for me it was my least favourite of the desserts


With the hustle and bustle inside I didn’t get to stop and look at the menu but the plates of food I walked past looked fabulous. I would love to come back and try something before I have dessert again.

Venue: Eightysix

Address: Elouera St Mode 3 Building, Braddon, ACT 2612

Phone: (02) 6161 8686

Eightysix on Urbanspoon


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