Wild Duck re-run

I’ve never been disappointed when I go to Wild Duck, but it is always hard to choose what to order so we always go for a banquet option. My friends weren’t big on fish so we changed the snapper to the lemongrass chicken.

Chef’s Signature banquet – $69.00 pp. For 4 or more people, this is the ultimate fine food journey in authentic Asian cuisine designed by our Executive Chef.


Shanghai wonton soup – A clear refreshing consume that was well seasoned with a perfectly cooked bok choy.


Scallops with XO conpoy chilli – a juicy seared scallop with just the right amount of XO sauce. 


Lotus root and pork parcels – I wasn’t particularly fond of this as the root was slightly crunchy.


Sichuan Wagyu beef salad – Amazing tender beef with a good meat to salad ratio. 


Lamb shank in golden sands – I’ve never had anything like this, a great textured crispy but yet still tender lamb all wrapped in a lettuce leaf.


Changed Coral Cut Snapper for Lemongrass chicken – Absolutely delicious and full of flavour. This was one of my favourite dishes from my previous banquet.


Fried Mantou ($3.00 per serve) not included in the banquet. Crispy outer layer encasing a soft sweet bread that is worth coming for on its own (p.s. how cute is the mini steamer!?)image

Asian Vegetable stir fry – a very simple and clean dish that satisfied the obligatory vegetables for the evening.image

Crispy Xiang Su duck – not overly greasy but the duck was transformed almost beyond recognition, not my favourite dish of the evening.


Massaman beef cheek – I thought the chunks of beef would be bigger but it was a very rich curry nonetheless. 


It’s fine dining meets Chinese food with excellent service. I definitely recommend you come here.


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