Melbourne long weekend – The Grain Store

After waking up before dawn and leaving our bags at the hotel, I dragged mine and all my tired friends’ asses down for brunch to where I thought would be close by. Twenty minutes later and walking further and further away from the city, I was desperately hoping that the Grain Store was worth it.

I was relieved to get off the windy streets of Melbourne and get in the warm dining area of the restaurant but my heart skipped a beat when we were asked how many people and if we had made a booking. Luckily they were able to put us in a back area with a long table perfect for friends that want to catch up.



I was excited to see that their brunch menu strayed away from the typical eggs benny and breakfast with the lot. All their menu items are made in house, they had vegan options as well as an extensive coffee menu.


Prana chai ($4.00). Great loose leaf chai served with soy milk.


Chilli and fennel sausage, Winter vegetable hash poached egg, Russian red kale, pear and cider relish ($17.00). The sausage didn’t have much of a bite to it but this was a very hearty and meaty breakfast. My friend really enjoyed the pear and cider relish.


Grain store toasted musli parfait mandarin, chia seed yoghurt and quince jam, quinoa milk ($10.00). Beautifully presented and my friend really enjoyed the musli.


Breakfast special ~ brioche French toast, caramelised banana and candied lime ($17.00). I didn’t have to ask my friend if she enjoyed her breakfast because when I looked over at her plate, it was completely scraped clean. The French toast was very light and fluffy and I could really taste the candied lime in the cream.


Portobello mushroom and raclette potato rosti poached eggs, hazelnut hollandaise ($18.00) and a side of dry cured bacon ($4.00). I surprised even myself when I ordered a vegetarian breakfast and I didn’t order the bacon because I think adding meat makes everything better, I just thought it was be nice to try but the bacon was very ordinary and wasn’t necessary at all to the breakfast. For me, even though the mushrooms were plump and juicy, the hash was awesome and the eggs were perfectly cooked, the hazelnut hollandaise was the star of the plate.



The wait staff was very attentive and friendly, the food was fabulous and the pastries (if you can fit it in) are also worth coming for.

Venue: The Grain Store

Address: 517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9972 6993


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