Melbourne long weekend – The Hardware Societe

I have attempted to get into The Hardware Societe before for brunch on a weekend, so I knew it was a mission impossible to get in without a decent amount of waiting but the mad dash to fit everything in on Monday before we left was filling up fast. I put my name down for three people and lied to my friends it was only going to be a twenty minute wait rather than the realistic 25-30 minutes, I figured that we would fill the void with stimulating conversation and they wouldn’t even notice the wait time. Well no matter how much talking we did, it wouldn’t distract us from the fact that we were getting hungry fast.

Finally after a 35-40 minute wait, we were called upon and we sat in the corner right in front of the heater. Perfect! All I needed now was the food and hot drinks to be worth all that wait.

Tea by the pot for one French earl grey ($5.00) served with a cute sugary morsel.

Calmer sutra chai latte ($4.50). Served at a perfect temperature with all the delicious spices.


Hot chocolate 54% dark callebaut ($5.00). My friend orders more hot chocolate than anyone I’ve ever known and she said that this was one of the best hot chocolates that she has ever had!


The Continental house made granola, five:am organic vanilla yoghurt, stewed rhubarb and strawberries, warm croissant ($16.00). We were seated perfectly right under a heater so it might appear that were were in the red light district. It is unusual to order a ‘cold’ breakfast but everything on this board was deeeeeelicious!


The granola was fantastic- not overly sweet, so many different types of nuts and was served with the perfect amount of yoghurt.


I didn’t add the jam or butter to the croissant, it was perfect on its own. So buttery and flaky, I’m drooling as I reminisce about the taste.


Baked eggs chorizo sausage, piquillo pimientos sauce, crunchy almonds, queso de cabra goats milk cheese ($17.00). I didn’t know between the two baked eggs options which one to get but when I asked the waitress for her opinion she said ‘the chorizo’ in a heartbeat. It was served hot and bubbling with cheesy goodness, slight spicy chorizo and a sauce with a little bit of bite to it. 


Omelette smoked bacon, confit potatoes, triple cream brie ($18.00). My dream ingredients all tucked in an egg blanket.


As we were indulging in our delicious breakfast and letting the world slip away, we didn’t even notice the large amount of people (the line was bigger than before) waiting behind us for a table.image

Before we left to pay the bill the waitress casually asked if we would like another round of drinks. I really like the fact that we weren’t rushed out the door due to the long line outside, everything was delicious and perfect and I was too full to fit another bite or drink in.

After eating at the Hardware Societe and the Grain Store, I can safely say that Melbourne definitely knows how to brunch!

Venue: The Hardware Societe

Address: 118-120 Hardware St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9078 5992

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