Cafe Creasion re-run

It has been a while since I’ve been to Cafe Creasion and I have nothing but fond memories of their macarons especially of their fruit inspired flavours. Recently, someone kindly bought me a box with one of each flavour (and one double) without remembering exactly what they were but I didn’t mind, that meant I had a box of 24 macarons and an adventure for my palette.

**Box of 24 macarons ($55.00)**

I didn’t think 24 macarons was going to be much trouble but I was almost on a sugar high overload by the time I got to number #10. A lot of them had similar colours and indistinguishable flavours. I must say I was not impressed.

The worst one of all was what I thought to be ‘black sesame’, I couldn’t even eat it and discarded the rest after my first and only bite. I was lucky enough to save the best by far for last which resembled a raspberry flavour.

Shame really, maybe they’ll have better flavours in the Summer?


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