Baitong Authentic Lao and Thai Cuisine

There are a lot Thai restaurants in Canberra, so when we went to Baitong restaurant in Weston Creek, I wasn’t looking to eat Thai (although they had a lot of Thai noodle and curry lunch specials), I was here for Lao cuisine specific.



Green tea ($2.00 per person). They added a pandan leaf inside which gave the tea a little extra something, but the more tea you had with the spicy food, the chilli flavour really came out. image I switched back to water.


Chicken wings (4pcs $7.50) deep fried chicken wings coated in a special batter, served with sweet chilli sauce.

Sticky rice ($3.50 per serve). They come in the cutest little individual bamboo steamers.

Now I could just live on this stuff for the rest of my (what would be very short) life. When you eat hot chicken wings with sticky rice you definitely have to use a ‘hands on’ approach.



Som Tum Laospicy papaya salad with fermented fish ($12.50). Not too crazy hot although I have to admit I just ate a strand. I’ve never see pickled crab before but this is Lao style baby!


~top picture~

Hor Mok chicken (Lao style) steamed chicken with curry paste, coconut milk and thai basil ($16.50). The chicken was so tender and juicy. When you take a bite, all the flavours come through, kaffir lime, lemon grass and curry paste. It was much more delicious than it looks.

~bottom picture~

Hor Mok bamboo (Lao style) steamed bamboo with fresh herbs, chilli, coconut milk ($16.50). I could smell the bamboo instantly. When you took a bite, there was a strong taste of bamboo followed by an even stronger taste of chilli. Unlike the chicken I couldn’t taste any of the herbs which was disappointing.


The best authentic Lao food you will get in a restaurant in Canberra. There is a lot of preparation that comes with Lao cuisine so it is much easier to enjoy all the tasty food without all the hassle. People might not find this gem that is tucked around the corner in Weston but this well presented restaurant is definitely worth a visit. 

Next time I’ll try the Thai side of the menu.

Venue: Baitong Laos & Thai Cuisine

Address: Shop 13, Cooleman Court Shopping Centre Brierly St, Weston Creek, ACT 2611

Phone: (02) 6287 7735

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Disappointing brunch at Sakeena’s cafe

I took Timmy C out to Cooleman court last weekend hoping to catch Kusina’s popular breakfast menu that everyone keeps talking about but instead we were punished for sleeping in and they had already switched over to their lunch menu. My eyes darted around for plan B. It was probably too early for gelato.

Sakeena’s cakes were pretty good and all I wanted was something simple so it was naturally our second choice as they were still serving breakfast. I was surprised to see their prices were rather cheap, although it is probably to accommodate for the older demographic and families in the area.

After we ordered and sat down,I was pleasantly surprised to find our order came within 10 minutes. Until I took a bite…

The ricotta pancakes with blueberries seemed dry, droopy yet under cooked all at the same time. I was trying to compensate the bland taste with the little maple syrup that they gave me (which I had to ask for another portion of). The eggs benedict with ham was swimming in, what I assumed was hollandaise from a jar. Once you scraped away all the excess sauce, it wasn’t too bad until when I took my last bite and I realised I was munching on gritty egg shells. I should have stopped two bites earlier. 

A completely disappointing breakfast with unenthusiastic workers and gross breakfast, their only saving grace was their price and speed if you don’t mind sub par food. Luckily their coconut syrup cake is tasty.

p.s. Their coffee was also terrible, I don’t drink coffee but when I had a sip it tasted like an ash tray.

I wouldn’t come here again for brunch (or any other meal?). If you can’t get into Kusina’s, I would suggest Cafe au lait upstairs, even though I haven’t eaten there, the food smells nicer, it’s less noisy up there and has the same cheap prices.

Venue: Sakeena’s cafe

Address: Cooleman Court, Weston Creek, ACT

Phone: (02) 6287 1229