Red Brick Espresso

On a lovely sunny day which reminded us that Spring was on its way, I grabbed my friend visiting from interstate and headed to the Red Brick Espresso that was recommended to me for good coffee. I was happy to find it open because I didn’t check their opening hours (even though Urbanspoon said that they don’t open Sundays?) but apparently everyone else thought it was a good idea too because there was not a single available seat. 

After looking a bit lost while holding a menu and looking around for any potential vacating patrons, a friendly face said that she could set up some milk crates near a table so we could sit. Thank goodness a table left before we ordered because I don’t care how trendy it is to have milk crate seating, it ain’t comfortable.


A small cute cafe makes it hard to get a seat.


Cute table setting.


Sweet bones raspberry and chocolate vegan cupcake ($5.00). Moist and delicious although I couldn’t taste much of the raspberry. I was amazed it cost so much but it sure was tasty.


Large flat white and a hot chocolate ($4.00 each), My friend said that the coffee was really good, which I was glad because we were on a coffee hunt mission.

The hot chocolate wasn’t particularly sweet and I had to add sugar but I did like the pretty foam art.


Hot pressed roll with smoked ham, swiss cheese and tomato relish ($8.90). My friend really liked the simple yet classic filling but found the tomato relish a nice touch.


Moroccan style baked eggs with Persian feta, fresh herbs and toasted sourdough ($13.90). Looks like something you would find at a trendy cafe in Melbourne. I loved the bread as it was perfectly toasted and wouldn’t break your teeth. The roasted peppers which were almost caramelised, gave a sweetness which was balanced out by the salty feta. A great breakfast by far that I have had in Canberra in a long time.


A very child and dog friendly as everyone had at least one of the two in the surrounding tables. Great to see local shops have a good cafe with great coffee that you don’t have to go to Fyshwick or Braddon for.

Finally, a great place to brunch in the Woden area, definitely worth a visit!

Venue: Red Brick Espresso

Address: Shop 4/35 Curtin Place, Curtin, ACT 2605

Phone: (02) 6285 1668

Red Brick Espresso on Urbanspoon


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