You know you’ve ordered a too big of an entree when the waitress asks if you would like any dessert before you go while packing up and you have to tell her you’re still waiting for your mains 😳 #toobig? #canberra #food #foodie #foodblog #platter #Bicicletta #NewActon

Thanks Quizabel, that makes me so happy to hear that! This is at Bicicletta out in New Acton. No I’m very happy to add suburb tags, I’m usually hesitant because my friends already give me slack for how many hashtags I do- hahaha

  1.  quizabel said: Where is this dastardly amazing-looking platter from? I love your blog 🙂 Maybe you could tag the suburb in each post? But that might be a hassle for you!

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