New food court- roll’d

I had a very late lunch so I would miss the hordes and masses of people pouring into the Canberra centre to check out the new food court which opened today, but the problem with doing that in a food court was most things have been sitting around for a while (I was eating around 4pm). To avoid getting any curries with a ‘skin’ on it or sushi that has been sitting around for a while, I opted to get a freshly made banh mi roll from roll’d– Vietnamese street food.20131031-164840.jpg Mr. Bun mee roll– with roast pork and crackling ($8.40 or free with the $10 Canberra voucher). A fresh and warm bun made to order with a delicious taste of coriander, pork, hint of sriracha (by request) and has the perfect loud crunch of crackle every now and then. Not exactly an authentic or traditional filling but I didn’t mind because it was YUUUUUUUM. photo (19) 20131031-171529.jpg There were also a lot of different choices of fresh paper rolls with unique fillings including barramundi, soft shell crab, tofu and BBQ chicken. Definitely one of the more exciting additions to the food court. Venue: Roll’d – Vietnamese street food Address: Canberra Centre food court, near the City Walk entrance , Shop CL13, Canberra Centre/ Bunda St, Canberra Phone: (02) 6247 5611

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5 thoughts on “New food court- roll’d

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    1. I think I’m starting to learn what a pingback is hahaha! I walked past Saigon fresh when I went to Koochi and thought I must come back to try it but I haven’t had time yet. I read your article before which reminded me that I must go!

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