I still call Australia home…

It has been a whirlwind experience during our trip in China (Zhuhai)- the cultural differences, dining etiquettes and price differences are astounding.

I have been living it up during the past few days getting multiple massages (very thorough and done with good technique), soaked in lots and lots of novelty hot springs and detoxed in saunas at a very cheap rate. I even got a hair cut just for the hell of it (hair wash with a 15 minute fabulous head massage, hair treatment, hair cut and blow dry was less than $16 AUD!!!). Everything here including the food is so much cheaper without compromising on quality and taste. Although I have enjoyed myself thoroughly, I did feel bad for the staff who work so tirelessly at such a low income comparatively to Australia.


Being away from home even during this short amount of time has made me think about how lucky we are to have our quality way of living as well as appreciate our clean our air (so many smokers here) and clear blue skies. I miss you Australia but I won’t be coming home just yet, I have some unfinished business in Hong Kong and some exploring to do in Macau.