PappaRich – Malaysian Delights

Having walked past PappaRich last Saturday and literally being nosey by pressing my nose against the window, I didn’t think it had a chance to be opened by November 2013 with most of the area still under construction, but they must have worked overtime at then some because some how they managed to open on the 30th November (cutting it fine!).

Without knowing this, I walked past it today to see their progress and I was greeted with the same floor to ceiling sign saying that ‘Pappa Rich was coming in 2013’ which had taunted me for months but today there was something different. I noticed a door opened with 2 people standing at the front. I quickly ran ahead and poked my head in, hey it was finally opened(!) but secretly or something? I asked for a table for two for a late lunch and we were seated immediately.

With the Grand opening happening tomorrow, PappaRich was bustling with people trying to get a taste of Malaysian delights before the word got out.


The ordering system is simple, just jot down your what you want, press the buzzer and a waiter will come within seconds to collect your order.



You can see the big wooden exterior still up with lots of people secretly enjoying curries on the other side.20131201-202419.jpg

Teh iced milk tea ($3.90). Since I have left Asia I still get cravings for a good iced milk tea and this hit the spot… Mmmm refreshing.20131201-202533.jpg

Pappa chicken rice with steamed chicken A Malaysian favourite that comes complete with tender boiled chicken, fragrant chicken rice, chicken soup, bean sprouts and a combination of chilli, ginger and dark soya sauce for dipping ($12.90). The chicken was moist and tender, the rice was really nice but the soup (which tastes like the soup that you would get in a Chinese short soup) was a bit on the saltier side. I didn’t utilise the dipping sauces at all, I didn’t think it needed it.20131201-202557.jpg


Roti Canai with curry chicken the ever popular roti canai with a serve of our delicious curry chicken ($12.50). I thought that the roti was fabulous being flaky, hot and crispy. The curry chicken was really nice too which had three biggish pieces of chicken.20131201-202544.jpg


I think the food is very reasonably priced (for Canberra), the service was very prompt and you may or may not learn to tune out the door bell tone that sounds frequently throughout the restaurant whenever someone requires an attendant.

If you don’t know what to order, these two dishes are probably the signature dishes of Malaysian cuisine and is a good starting point. I can’t wait to come again and order a lot more from the menu (I’m looking at you deep fried chicken skin!), but it will probably also include these two dishes again.

At this stage they aren’t really taking bookings, it’s a first come first serve type of situation, but eating a late lunch at 2pm on a Sunday meant that there were no lines 🙂

Venue: PappaRich

Address: Shop FG13B, Ground Floor, Bunda Street, Canberra Centre, Canberra City, 2601 ACT

Phone: (02) 6230 4929

Opening hours: 11am – 10pm 7 days, open until 11pm Fri – Sat

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