Dickson Dumpling House must haves

I come here more often than I would like to admit but I only select few things. After eating many things on the menu and participating in many banquets, I have composed the best menu items into a small list. I know you’re supposed to try new things to discover new favourites but we don’t have time for that when we have cravings for the oldies.

Pan fried pork dumplings (12pcs $10.80)– I always wish they were bigger (like Dumpling Inn size) but they are crispy and pan fried so I can’t complain.20140112-162643.jpg

Char kwai teow ($13.80)– oily hot noodles served with a chilli kick and delicious Chinese sausage.


Beef fried rice noodle ($13.80) – for those who like hot and oily noodles without a chilli surprise.

Crispy duck sang choy bao ($13.80) – a great twist on the sang choy bao. The crispy duck pieces add a really good crunch with the lettuce, almost like a crouton.


You should also try the pan fried pork bun for something a little different but just remember if you plan to poke it, the hot juices might spit up on you.

I hear it is the same owners as the new CBD Dumpling House in Civic.

Venue: Dickson dumpling house

Address: 2 Cape Street, Dickson, ACT 2602

Phone: (02) 6248 8350

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Happy Chinese New Year!


I have no idea what that actually reads but my Aunty sent it to me so it can’t be inappropriate, can it?

I have been a bit MIA recently with lots of birthday celebrations and New Year prep but I’m hoping after this week things will go back to normality.

I wish you all a year of good health, fortune and amazing food.

p.s. Happy birthday to my sister and Joe is celebrating his 30th birthday today!

Global cafe and bar – Flavours of Ethiopia

I just had this for lunch before I caught my 3.5hr bus ride to Sydney, so I thought: before I start snoring and drooling on a strangers arm, I am going to blog about it.

I had come to Global cafe and bar a year or two ago and I’m quite impressed it is still here since they have little advertisement and are in a hard to park location but their competitive lunch specials and unique Ethiopian food must have helped them keep their doors open.

Lunch special~
Three curries with rice or injera (sour pancake) $8.00. Choose between the six choices of curries- beef, chicken, stir fried vegetables, lentils, split peas and pumpkin. I could not make up my mind between three of them so the very nice lady let me try four (that is also what she let me do last time, I’m an indecisive person) and I went half rice half injera, I was trying to taste most of the menu. I really wanted a samosa but none were available. I don’t know if lunch is just the special and dinner is al a carte.
I chose pumpkin, beef, chicken and lentils, despite having similar colours, the sauces and textures were rather different. The beef was the ‘hottest’ curry, it won’t make your eyes water (unless you never eat hot food) but there is enough kick to let you know it’s there. I found the chilli flavour balanced out the injera. The other three might have been more similar with a rich onion based sauce but definitely different textures. A rather quite filling and satisfactory lunch.




I added a water to this meal and the whole thing only cost $10! Bargain!
A quick and easy meal if you work in the area or plan to catch a Murrays bus.

I dedicate this post to the small screaming distressed child at the back of the bus who jolted me back to reality after almost falling asleep while writing this post.

Baan Latsamy Thai Restaurant

A group of my friends have come here several times without me. They just assumed I had eaten at Baan Latsamy before and they accused me of always being busy eating with other friends, so this particular Friday I made sure I was available and off we headed to eat Thai in Manuka.



Spring rolls deep fried spring rolls containing minced chicken, vermicelli noodles and vegetables served with chilli sauce ($8.90). Nothing particularly special although I was disappointed that the sauce was just a sweet chilli sauce.


Rice paper rolls fresh rice paper rolls with chicken and prawns, lettuce, cucumber, carrot and mint served with special dipping sauce ($9.90). The fresh paper rolls could have done with a bit more herbs but it was moist and packed with lots of ingredients.



Massaman curry with potato and roast peanuts, cooked in a thick curry, coconut milk sauce ($19.90). I usually use pad thai as my measuring stick between Thai restaurants but because we were getting rice accompaniments, I thought getting the beef massaman would go better.

The curry had big chunks of tender beef, just the way I like it but the sauce itself, even though it was very mild as expected, was extremely nutty. It was nice enough but I didn’t drown my rice in it as I usually would with less nutty sauces.20140112-162356.jpgVery tender pieces of beef


Hot wok stir fry Thai basil with capsicum, onions, beans, bamboo shoots, fresh chilli and basil leaves in the chef’s special sauce ($22.90).The prawns had a slight hint of chilli although the overwhelming flavour to this dish was bamboo. I’m not the biggest fan of bamboo so I just ate the prawns and a bit of the vegetables but I didn’t go out of my way to get the bamboo or the sauce.


We didn’t order anything that my friends had tried before. My friends were more disappointed than I was with the overall food. Everything that they had ordered previously like other stir fries and laksa had been so great that they had big cravings and that’s why they came back with me so quickly since their previous visit. I wouldn’t completely write* this place off, I’ll come back and try what they had previously ordered and definitely a pad thai too.
** Thomas reads my blog!!

Venue: Baan Latsamy Thai Restaurant

Address: Flinders Way, Manuka, ACT 2603

Phone: (02) 6295 0426

Entertainment book: yes don’t forget to use your card!

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il carnivale do Gelato Messina – twisted hotdog


Yeeeah dawgs! A twisted hot dog – milk chocolate gelato hot dog, served in a warm finger bun with essential condiments passionfruit ‘mustard’, raspberry ‘ketchup’ and buttercream ‘mayo’ and coconut ‘onions’. Definitely played tricks on my mind. #gelato #messina #sydney #willywonkastyle #carnivalfun #food @gelatomessina #foodie #foodblog #hotdog