Mood Food and Co.

—–24th Dec 2013—–
My friend and I were on the hunt for hotdogs in Braddon on Christmas Eve but my eyes drew to across the road where I saw the sign for Mood Food and co. I was wondering where it would be and now we have coincidentally found it. 

I found the menu itself rather interesting as it was printed on bamboo but I couldn’t tell what style of food it was as it was a mixed selection.

20131226-174538.jpgA trendy modern open dining area.





Coffee frappe ($7.50) and pineapple and mint frappe ($8.00). The frappes were nice and refreshing although my pineapple and mint didn’t taste as sweet as I’d hoped but more fibre-y, it almost tasted like most of the juice came from the centre stalk of the pineapple.


Burger of pulled lamb shoulder crumbled feta, baby spinach with mint and basil pesto served with side of Belgian frittes ($19.00). The roast lamb was fabulous, you could really taste the meat and it was enhanced by the pesto and fetta. Even though the chips were a small serve, they were covered in a really creamy aioli. I also really loved the personalized wooden boards.






Calzone corner~

Pulled pork belly, homestyle mustard aioli, sage and swiss cheese ($19.00). I was expecting pulled pork belly just like the menu said but inside the calzone was slices of what looked like a roast pork without crackle and we all know where the flavour lies. With the bland slices of pork with a really subtle light cheese and a few pieces of sage, this calzone was no where near as nice as the lamb burger.


After only being opened for 2 weeks, mood food had really friendly staff, different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, soon to obtain a liquor license and only closed for Christmas Day, I can see an exciting future for Mood Food in the hipster Canberra area of Braddon.

Venue: Mood Food

Address: 132/22 Lonsdale St, Braddon, ACT 2612

Phone: 0424 332 338

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