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Not meeting family for dinner until later so I have to keep myself amused and they told me not to eat anything before the buffet, but yao tiao doesn’t count right? Fresh is best. #sydneyeats #sydney #dididothat
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Global cafe and bar – Flavours of Ethiopia

I just had this for lunch before I caught my 3.5hr bus ride to Sydney, so I thought: before I start snoring and drooling on a strangers arm, I am going to blog about it.

I had come to Global cafe and bar a year or two ago and I’m quite impressed it is still here since they have little advertisement and are in a hard to park location but their competitive lunch specials and unique Ethiopian food must have helped them keep their doors open.

Lunch special~
Three curries with rice or injera (sour pancake) $8.00. Choose between the six choices of curries- beef, chicken, stir fried vegetables, lentils, split peas and pumpkin. I could not make up my mind between three of them so the very nice lady let me try four (that is also what she let me do last time, I’m an indecisive person) and I went half rice half injera, I was trying to taste most of the menu. I really wanted a samosa but none were available. I don’t know if lunch is just the special and dinner is al a carte.
I chose pumpkin, beef, chicken and lentils, despite having similar colours, the sauces and textures were rather different. The beef was the ‘hottest’ curry, it won’t make your eyes water (unless you never eat hot food) but there is enough kick to let you know it’s there. I found the chilli flavour balanced out the injera. The other three might have been more similar with a rich onion based sauce but definitely different textures. A rather quite filling and satisfactory lunch.




I added a water to this meal and the whole thing only cost $10! Bargain!
A quick and easy meal if you work in the area or plan to catch a Murrays bus.

I dedicate this post to the small screaming distressed child at the back of the bus who jolted me back to reality after almost falling asleep while writing this post.