Dickson Dumpling House must haves

I come here more often than I would like to admit but I only select few things. After eating many things on the menu and participating in many banquets, I have composed the best menu items into a small list. I know you’re supposed to try new things to discover new favourites but we don’t have time for that when we have cravings for the oldies.

Pan fried pork dumplings (12pcs $10.80)– I always wish they were bigger (like Dumpling Inn size) but they are crispy and pan fried so I can’t complain.20140112-162643.jpg

Char kwai teow ($13.80)– oily hot noodles served with a chilli kick and delicious Chinese sausage.


Beef fried rice noodle ($13.80) – for those who like hot and oily noodles without a chilli surprise.

Crispy duck sang choy bao ($13.80) – a great twist on the sang choy bao. The crispy duck pieces add a really good crunch with the lettuce, almost like a crouton.


You should also try the pan fried pork bun for something a little different but just remember if you plan to poke it, the hot juices might spit up on you.

I hear it is the same owners as the new CBD Dumpling House in Civic.

Venue: Dickson dumpling house

Address: 2 Cape Street, Dickson, ACT 2602

Phone: (02) 6248 8350

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