Little Brooklyn

After taking a walk around the Kingston square, TimmyC and I were desperate for a quick bite so we circled back to Little Brooklyn to browse their menu. They have a casual atmosphere with sports TV, an area for a live band and wide booths while the outdoor setting had huge umbrellas with built-in heaters covering all weather conditions.

I had heard that Little Brooklyn had a New York-inspired classics menu but when I looked at the menu, there was really only a hotdog, reuben and burger which was a bit disappointing.20140223-101118.jpg

20140223-101313.jpgA nice outdoor setting.20140223-101323.jpgWe settle down on a couple of barrels.20140223-101343.jpgCroquettes barramundi and Kaffir lime with gramolata ($14.00). I found that the croquettes themselves didn’t have much of a flavour to them and without the salt and sauce it was very bland. The filling looked mostly like mashed potato and I couldn’t tell there was fish in there. For $14.00 I did expect more than just three croquettes though.20140228-065220.jpgDespite being bland, they did have a crispy coating.20140227-224230.jpgPulled lamb pocket pulled lamb, crisp greens and pomegranate yoghurt, Served in a wood fired tortilla pocket and served with chips ($20.00). I could see this as a snack meal to tie you over before you have dinner in a few hours type of thing like we did, but not as a full meal that you paid $20 bucks for. The lamb itself was very tender and delicious, the sauce that was served with the chips tasted like it had a chip seasoning mixed through an aoli it which made it addictive and a happy addition to the pocket.20140228-065043.jpg

20140228-065057.jpgThe food was ok, nothing too spectacular but was served to us by friendly staff. I just think that the food is overpriced for what it is, even for Kingston. Little Brooklyn does have a lovely location though making it a convenient place for friends to catch up over a drink and if you aren’t that hungry, even over some food.

Venue: Little Brooklyn

Address: 44 Jardine St, Kingston, ACT 2604

Phone: (02) 6260 8150

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3 thoughts on “Little Brooklyn

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  2. I had the fish and chips and LOVED it. I loved that they deconstructed the tartare sauce so you could assemble as you like. I will definitely be back there to try the burger (our benchmark for that kind of pub food).

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